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4th of July – Weekend Retail Sales increased dramatically compared to 2009


Boulder, CO (July 12, 2010) With Summer product sales peaking in May and early June, the 4th of July weekend for many is the last chance to move Spring/Summer product at reasonable margins to minimize carryover for next season. 

A poll* of Leisure Trends’ retail panel uncovered that sales were up significantly compared to the same weekend last year.  

A staggering 79% of respondents indicated sales increased greater than 20%.


Change in Sales vs July 4th 2009

% of Respondents

Sales Increased > 20%


Sales increased < 20%


Flat Sales


Sales Decreased < 20%


Sales Decreased >20%


Looking at the timing of the 4th falling on a Sunday as a potential positive or negative impact on sales there was little in the way of consensus. Some retailers felt a boost mostly from robust sales on Monday while others noted that traffic was light due to customers traveling out of town.

Leading up to the 4th – shoppers continue the trend of delaying purchases till the last minute. Asked when customers began shopping for their 4th of July activities 64% of respondents indicated sales picked up in the week before (June 26th – July 2) and 19% reported those sales taking place over the 4th of July weekend. In terms of the busiest shopping day of the weekend 42% of stores reported Saturday being their busiest day while the remaining stores were evenly divided between Friday and Monday. For those stores who were closed on Sunday the 4th, it appears there was little penalty for the time off.

4th of July activities – While the long weekend provides a great opportunity for people to get out and play 58% of respondents indicated customers planned on spending time with their families/friends over the weekend. Next year think about stocking backyard games and accessories.

Trending products – Retailers were discreet choosing to not divulge details regarding hot selling products. Leading up to the weekend there was an up-tick in some categories including cars rack and bike carriers, footwear and watersports related goods (Kayaks, wakeboards, swimsuits and masks).

Outlook for the rest of the Summer – Retailer’s forecast for the remainder of the Summer seems to vary by industry with most Bike, Paddlesports and Specialty Running stores remaining optimistic whereas Outdoor and Scuba Dive retailers are Bearish.

*Responses were received from nearly 50 stores representing over 220+ locations across the country.

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