Industry Press Release

Adrenalin sports marketing firm expands into the outdoor market


Free brand evaluations available at OR and SIA


Denver, CO (January 13, 2012) — Since 1997, the creative professionals at Adrenalin, The Brand Expansion Team», have crafted strategies, logos and campaigns for sports organizations like the Denver Broncos, LA Kings, Arapahoe Basin Ski Area and the Chicago Fire. Now, the full-service branding agency is leveraging its experience with team sports to help outdoor companies tell their stories and effectively compete in a crowded marketplace.     

Since marketing professional sports depends on the strength of a team’s brand apart from whether they win or lose, Adrenalin is used to crafting cohesive and compelling campaigns based on the overall experience of watching or participating rather than on a single player, product or the team’s performance. “The experience is what the outdoors is all about A lot of companies try to say that, but they mostly focus on the product itself,” says Bryan Kimbell, Adrenalin’s director of account strategy and business development, “We can take the creative branding to a whole new level.”       

Ken Hauser, marketing projects manager at climbing rope manufacturer PMI, has already seen positive results since his company hired Adrenalin last month for a branding overhaul and social media campaign. “I saw the initial design elements last week and I was impressed the ads were really unique,” Hauser says. “I wanted to move us to the next level with a new look that we’re proud of and that represents who we are and who we want to become. We’re off to a great start.”

Kimbell and Adrenalin Principal Dan Price are offering complimentary brand evaluations at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Solitude, Utah Jan. 18 and at the SIA Snow Show at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center Jan. 26-29. Invitations are also open for marketers to stop by the Adrenalin offices, located only four blocks from the SIA Snow Show, to meet the team.

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