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– Segment from Teton Gravity Research’s “Lost and Found” to be used worldwide –

Park City, UT (October 9, 2008) — Erik Roner’s Cajun Couloir ski BASE segment, from Teton Gravity Research’s (TGR) film “Lost and Found”, will be used by Apple to showcase its media devices and capabilites. Potential uses could include:, Apple’s on-line store, Apple retail stores, web, direct marketing, events, PR, etc. Apple previously highlighted this particular segment as a pod cast example from Steve Jobs at his key note address in January 2008.

Roner explains, “the Cajun Couloir ski BASE is a project I had in mind for several years. The couloir is in a permanent closure; right under the tram at Jackson Hole Ski Resort. I looked at for many years wondering if I could ski and BASE jump the very low cliff at the end. Once I decided the line was ski-able, it was just a matter of convincing the resort to let me ski it. After a lot of pressure the resort gave me the go-ahead as soon as the mountain had closed for the season. Luckily the weather and snow conditions held for us and I was able to complete my quest.”

“This particular line is fast and scary. There is absolutely no room for error and every part of the line had to be executed perfectly. It was really excited to have completed the line but I was pretty nervous up top,” Roner continues.

“I am honored the folks at Apple enjoyed what I have accomplished and have taken it on as part of their marketing material. Apple is an amazing company at the forefront of today’s technologies and I am pumped to be associated with their brand.”

Erik has been a member of Dynastar/Lange’s team for over 6 years. He has made a name for himself by appearing in numerous ski films, ski magazines, etc. Check out his latest antics at!