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New York, NY (October 12, 2009) — With a growing trend of prints in the fashion industry, Athalon Sportgear, one of the leading sport bag and travel companies launched its new line of Bandana Bags this summer. The line of Bandana bags introduced to the US and Canada includes a variety of bags for every individual’s daily, travel and sport needs; including backpacks, totes, ski bags, golf bags, duffels and many more. These bandana bags are perfect for any person on-the-go; bring them on the slopes, to the beach, to the office, on vacation or just carry for fun. Bandana bags were designed for trend setters of all ages; they are made not only to look like the perfect accessory but to also offer durability, convenience, and functionality. Made out of strong, woven nylons and polyesters Athalon Sportgear offers a 5 year limited warranty on all of their bags. The bags range in price from $75.00 – $150.00 retail, and include a free matching bandana.

“Bandana reflects fashion, adventure and America, the pattern feels refreshing and comfortable. We wanted to offer a pattern that would be unique and timeless. Our customers love our prints and this is a strong follow up to our popular Graffiti line,” Andy Nitkin, CEO, Athalon Sportgear, Inc.

About Athalon Sportgear

Athalon is a Manhattan based company, founded over 45 years ago by avid sport enthusiasts and travelers in the Rocky Mountains. During its growth Athalon has grown into the snow sport, travel, and golf industries. The company is best known for its refreshing designs that offer quality and thoughtful features. For more information on Athalon visit