Industry Press Release

Banshee Bungee Will Introduce New Product Line At SIA Snow Show


Boise, ID (December 2011) — Banshee Bungee recently announced they will launch their new Wax Product Line at the upcoming 2012 SIA Snow Show.  The new product line features the new Banshee Speed Wax, in Rub-On and Spray-On applications, and the Banshee Stomp Stick, a stomp pad replacement made of soy-based wax.  Banshee Bungee will be exhibiting at SIA Snow Show in booth number 510.

The Banshee Speed Wax is the fastest all conditions speed wax on the market today.  We have developed a ground breaking new formula and adapted it for two types of on hill applications, Rub-On and Spray-On.

Product Features: 

  • New patent pending, hydrophobic base treatment called “Iso-tex” repels snow, ice and water like nothing else.  
  • All-condition, all-weather formula will make sure you keep your speed all day long.  
  • Longest lasting speed wax on the market
  • Fast, tool free application
  • Extremely fast!
  • Least expensive speed wax available at $8.99 MSRP  

The Banshee Stomp Stick is the best way to get traction on a slippery top sheet.  Stomp pads are unattractive to customers who don’t want to buy an expensive stomp pad then cut it into pieces then arrange it to be functional, just to have it fall off.  Riders simply rub the Stomp Stick wherever they desire, and get the best grip on the market wherever they need it most.

Product Features:

  • Inexpensive at $3.99 MSRP
  • More grip than stomp pads provide
  • 100% customizable
  • Low profile

When asked for his comments on the new products, Banshee VP Cooper Kalisek had this to say “Banshee Bungee has been at the forefront of innovative products in the accessories market for snowboarding and the new Wax Line really falls in line with the Bungee as far as innovation.”  Banshee Bungee has built its reputation and brand by providing speed for riders in any sport.  Kalisek continued, “We’re super excited to have released, in our opinion, the best Speed Wax and the most revolutionary stomp pad’ available on the market.”


Banshee Bungee has been making snow, skate and skim accessories since 2005 including their flagship product the Banshee Bungee itself, which has tool that has revolutionized the way we view snowboarding, skimboarding, and skateboarding. Quickly becoming a must have, Banshee Bungee allows you to access spots that have been impossible to hit in the past. Because of issues with speed many features have been left untouched until now. Banshee Bungee has opened the floodgates for endless possibilities and progression. Whether it is on snow, concrete, or water, at Banshee Bungee, everything is fair game. For more information check out and