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San Diego, CA – MMD Newswire (March 10, 2010) — BitchBoards, the made-by-women-for-women snowboard company, stormed through two of the largest industry tradeshows for snowsports this year (Snowsports Industries of America and the international ISPO show) leaving an unforgettable impression of what ‘Bitch’ is all about. Taking the acronym for BITCH as Betty-In-Total-Control of- Herself, BitchBoards is redefining how women are perceived in snowboarding by fusing fashion with function and embracing the inner bitch in us all. Designer and creative director, Alex Masterson shocked show goers with her new 2011 collection of catwalk-worthy snowboards and accessories including helmets, goggles and dominatrix-inspired gloves.

By taking her passion for fashion and photography, Masterson has applied the latest winter trends on the runway to her collection from leather straps and punk-inspired studs to bright purple sequins and fishnet accents. Five new boards grace the line (Punk Bitch, Lil’ Bow Bitch, Haute Bitch, Urban Bitch and Titanium Bitch) which begs the question… Which BITCH are you? From naughty leather and lace to cheetah print and bows, there is a BitchBoards snowboard for every Bitch out there.

All joking aside, BitchBoards is dedicated to providing the highest quality equipment and technology in 2011 with the premier of the new reverse-camber or ‘rocker’ snowboard construction used on the Lil’ Bow Bitch and Punk Bitch boards. This latest trend in the shape of a snowboard perfectly compliments a woman’s-lower center of gravity and makes riding much more enjoyable. Danielle Kohagen, had opportunity to demo the rocker board and raves, “I Love the Punk Bitch! It’s definitely the board I’m riding next year! I was able to cut my turns quicker and jump on rails and boxes with ease- I can’t believe it!”

Staying true to the Bitch demographic internationally, BitchBoards is bringing back the all-mountain and twin-tip model boards updated with fresh new looks. Vesa-Matti Vaananen, the BitchBoards distributor for Scandinavia says, “My girlfriend loves the name and the designs of the boards. In the beginning, I was a little hesitant with moving forward with the brand, but this past year after demoing the boards with many retailers and consumers in Scandinavia and getting great orders, I realize that these bitches know what their doing. The 2011 line is even better then last year!”

The 2011 collection will be available online to consumers to pre-order on March 15th, 2010 giving everyone an opportunity to embrace their inner bitch! Check out for more information on BitchBoards, the 2011 Collection and the creator Alex Masterson.


BitchBoards was created in 2006 by Alex Masterson because she was fed-up with settling for a man’s snowboard. Season after season, she complained about the issue until her father told her to ‘stop bitchin’ and do something about it. So she did and BitchBoards was initiated. Through product development, technology and design, BitchBoards has developed into a revolutionary brand offering snowboards with feminine style and functionality. Products made by women for women.