Industry Press Release

Blizzard Ski Launches Zero G 2016 Collection



Lightweight, downhill performance with Carbon Drive Technology built for the backcountry skier. 

West Lebanon, NH (January 19, 2015)  — Blizzard is pleased to announce the early release of the 2016 Zero G collection of skis to select retailers on February 15, 2015.   This is the lightest weight collection of free touring skis Blizzard has offered to date and was designed to deliver stability, edge grip, and control never found in an industry leading lightweight ski.

Consisting of four models, one specifically for women, Zero G utilizes Blizzards proprietary Carbon Drive Technology. 

Carbon Drive is the technology that allows the Zero G skis to achieve industry-leading light weight while maintaining a level of performance customers have grown accustomed to from Blizzard.  It consists of a thin frame of unidirectional carbon fiber that extends the full length of the ski.   In the tip and tail the unidirectional carbon fiber has a three-dimensional shape that wraps over the side of the ski directly to the edge creating unprecedented torsional rigidity in the weakest area of the ski construction.  This 3D unidirectional carbon shape coupled with a full sidewall, light wood core construction is a first of it’s kind in ski manufacturing.

“Zero G solves the problem of lightweight skis with limited downhill performance. These skis will allow users to access more of the mountain with greater ease due to the incredible light weight while at the same time experience stability, edge grip, and control never thought possible in such a lightweight ski body,” commented Jed Duke, Director of Product and Marketing, Blizzard Sport USA/Tecnica USA.  Duke went on to say, “An added benefit to Carbon Drive is the strength of the construction.  It allows us to exceed the industry norm for binding screw retention for even traditional alpine skis, making the Zero G collection some of the safest free touring skis on the market”

Blizzard, known for its innovative technology in ski design and manufacturing, such as Flipcore construction, started development on the Zero G collection over two year’s ago.  Zero G has gone through extensive athlete testing around the globe to achieve the optimum in performance with the highest safety and durability possible.

Blizzard teamed up with Pomoca Swiss Made skins for a ski and skin package.  The skins will be pre-cut to size for MSRP $240.00 to $216.00. 

The Zero G Collection: 

Zero G 108: sidecut: 136-108-122; lengths: 171, 178, 185; MSRP $960

Zero G 95:  sidecut: 128-95-111; lengths:  164, 171, 178, 185; MSRP $840

Zero G 85:  sidecut:  125-88-110; lengths:  157, 164, 171, 178, 185; MSRP $720

Zero G 85W: sidecut: 125-88-110; lengths:  157, 164, 171; MSRP $720

A full launch of the Zero G collection will happen at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Show, January 21 – 24, 2015, in Salt Lake City, UT and the Snow Industry Association Show, January 28 – February 1, 2015, in Denver, CO.