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Blue Infusion Technologies Launches Online Funding Campaign for BEARTek Gloves on Kickstarter


Bluetooth Enabled Gloves Designed for Skiers and Motorcyclists Officially Premiers This Week

Dallas, TX (November 13, 2012) — Blue Infusion Technologies, an inventive company specializing in enhancing the experiences through the use of technology, officially launched its KICKSTARTER online funding campaign for BEARTek Gloves this week. Made in the USA, the signature Bluetooth enabled audio regulation gloves are designed for use during winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding and are currently available for purchase on KICKSTARTER through December 14, 2012.

“Our team has put in a numerous amount of time, effort and resources in designing the BEARTek Gloves to meet the needs of ski and motorcycle enthusiasts,” said Willie Blount, inventor, founder and chief executive officer of Blue Infusion Technologies. “We are extremely excited about premiering the gloves this week on KICKSTARTER where supporters can begin purchasing pairs of gloves, while concurrently supporting the mission of getting BEARTek Gloves manufactured in the USA and in stores throughout the country.”

BEARTek Gloves are professionally designed gloves that have a removable Bluetooth control module that serves as the “brain” that pairs to phone and music devices, allowing ski and motorcycle enthusiasts to become real-time controllers of Bluetooth smart products such as iPhones and Android products. By intuitively tapping the thumb to one of the six touch points strategically embedded along the fingers of the glove, users can continue mobile activities like skiing and motorcycling during various real life scenarios, such as accepting incoming phone calls, switching music playlists, or enabling audio controls. In contrast to a traditional glove that is often bulky, restrictive and negatively impacts the control of a smart device, BEARTek Gloves are based on the concept of single-hand control that enables improved convenience and safety.

“BEARTek Gloves provides skiers and motorcyclists the convenience and safety of operating a smartphone or Bluetooth music device with simple finger touches on the glove,” said Tarik Rodgers Partner and COO of Blue Infusion Technologies.

Beginning November 12, 2012, BEARTek Gloves will be featured on KICKSTARTER, an online funding campaign where interested parties have an exclusive opportunity to become one of the first to own a pair of these cutting-edge gloves by making designated monetary donations (KICKSTARTER Rewards) to apply towards the funding of the company’s vision. With delivery in time for this holiday and winter season, this online funding campaign will be the only opportunity for supporters to get these premier winter gloves before the 2013 season. BEARTek Gloves are available for a $150 minimum contribution on KICKSTARTER through December 14, 2012.

About BEARTek Gloves

Consisting of exceptional quality and detail, BEARTek Gloves have been designed by top industry developers with a long portfolio of clients that include Yamaha, Harley Davidson, Burton, Gorgonz and Ralph Lauren. A completely wireless solution, BEARTek Gloves are compatible with Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth helmets. In addition, the removable Bluetooth module allows for easy system upgrades. It may simply be transferred to any BEARTek Glove available in a variety of colors, without the need to buy an additional module with each new pair. BEARTek Gloves have also had developmental support by key PhD and NASA scientist resources from the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) and the Space Alliance Technology Outreach Prog