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There is a new addition to the Briko alpine skiing team: this winter, Bode Miller, Benni Raich, and Swiss athlete Dominique Gisin will be joined in the elite of speed disciplines by Jamaican Errol Kerr. Naturally, Peter Fill is also still part of the Briko team and we are all looking forward to his recovery from the injury he suffered at the beginning of the season.

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Romentino, ITALY ( November 25, 2009) — It is the most original and diverse “transversal” team in the white circus of alpine skiing. It is the Briko team: a platoon of athletes of exceptional ability who are set to shine in this Olympic season with a little help from new developments in helmets and goggles. The team’s symbolic captain is the great Bode Miller, genius and rebel of downhill skiing, beacon of the entire movement, a champion able to monopolise the attention of the entire international media.

This year Bode will be skiing in his Kimera Comp helmet, which Briko’s engineers have made even more comfortable to wear. The helmet will be complemented by the newly coined Bode’s Super Race goggles, creating a colour-coordinated total look based on the shades of green provided by his sponsor Superfund. The new goggles ensure exceptional peripheral view and thanks to a new surface treatment of the lenses, are even less susceptible to fogging. And after the race? How about some signature Action sunglasses!

But Bode won’t be alone. The Briko dream team will also include Austrian Benny Raich and Italian Peter Fill, who following an injury during training in the autumn, has been forced to cancel many of this season’s appointments. There is also a new addition to the Briko team: Errol Kerr, the Jamaican skier specialising in ski cross who is poised to make his presence known in Vancouver 2010.

And of course, the team is completed by its female member, Swiss Dominique Gisin, who last year won the World Cup’s downhill race in Cortina d’Ampezzo.


BRIKO KIMERA COMP Helmet (013209)

KIMERA COMP was developed as a racing helmet and is the top-of-the-range model in the BRIKO Snow Helmet collection. Using three different fibres – Kevlar, carbon fibre and fibreglass – KIMERA COMP is a very light but also very sturdy helmet. In addition, its Active Ventilation technology removes the heat developed during physical exertion through the air flow created by a series of specially-designed internal channels. A fully-removable padding liner ensures customised head fitting, offering maximum comfort to all skiers and making for a highly personalised helmet. Fitted for a removable steel chin-guard for facial protection during slalom races, the KIMERA COMP helmet comes in three graphic versions: blue uniqa, black/red racing, green superfund.

Sizes: 52-62

Recommended retail price: $230.00


Created by Briko for Bode Miller’s true fans, these goggles faithfully reproduce the style and graphics especially designed for the twice World Cup Overall champion, while offering maximum quality and technology. The goggles’ lenses have undergone both “mirroring” treatment (the surface of the lenses has been coated with metal particles to reduce excess brightness) and “antifog” treatment (the surface of the lenses has been specially treated to prevent steaming up). In addition, the foam features three different density levels to ensure perfect face fit and the goggles come with three lenses to guarantee maximum visibility at all times.

Colours: Green Superfund

Lenses: Thrama Brown Metal Silver DL, Thrama Red and Clear.

All lenses have undergone “