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Next weekend for one day Bode Miller, Peter Fill and Pietro Piller Cottrer will act as guides for the sightless skiers of “Gruppo Verbanese Sciatori Ciechi”. This event will take place on the alpine ski slope and cross-country trails north of Macugnaga, and all Briko collaborators will take part in it.

Romentino, Italy (April 4, 2009) — Disability is in our minds more than our bodies. This is proven by all the disabled athletes who every day live and coexist with their physical limits accepting the sport challenges of all disciplines. Among winter sports, alpine and cross-country skiing competitions are those sightless skiers love the most.

Well aware of their role of “champions” not only on the ski slope, Briko testimonials will take part in an initiative combining solidarity to the team spirit of our collaborators.

BRIKO 4 BLIND will take place on 4/5 April 2009: the American champion Bode Miller, the world silver medallist Peter Fill and the Olympic champion Pietro Piller Cottrer will ski, each for his own specialty, exceptionally acting as sightless athletes’ “guide”.

This initiative will also be an opportunity to raise funds in favour of Gruppo Verbanese Sciatori Ciechi, an ONLUS association created in 1982 in Verbania under the aegis of the CAI and the Lions Club of Verbania, and member of the Comitato Italiano Paralimpico. This Group pursues the aim of starting off the sightless and partially-sighted people wishing to experience this fascinating sport on alpine and cross-country skiing, also accompanying them on the slopes.

The event will take place on the ski slopes of Macugnaga: during the whole morning Bode Miller and Peter Fill will guide the sightless skiers of the group along the slopes. Later in the afternoon, champions and skiers “all together” will enjoy aperitif and appetizers in the centre of Macugnaga. On the following day, Sunday 5th April, lovers of narrow skis will ski under the guide of Pietro Piller Cottrer.

A wide-ranging event in a friendly atmosphere. BRIKO 4 BLIND, indeed, will be for all the closest company collaborators an opportunity to meet on the ski slopes: for a week end more than 40 people, working with passion for 12 months a year to meet the requirements of world champions and amateurs, will have the opportunity to ski together with company testimonials.

About Briko

The history of Briko dates back to 1985, when the company started producing ski wax for the Italian ski team; after its athletes’ success, Briko widened its product range to include goggles, helmets and technical clothing; these products were designed together with the Briko sponsored athletes who took part in the equipment development process. Briko made a lot of technical progress; among its most successful products are: Thrama lenses, launched in 1989, using a new innovative wide range of filters. In 1992 the Kasco helmet was launched, a product designed for the cycling world; the Kasko helmet was followed in the year 2000 by Forerunner, a helmet designed for free ride skiers’ needs. However, clothing lines completely changed Briko’s share in the market; in 2000 Briko launched the Katana collection, a line of technical clothing for cycling lovers, both on the road and cross-country. In 2003 Briko launched the Beitostolen line for Nordic skiing. The Briko team includes very popular athletes from the international sports scene, such as Bode Miller, Benjamin Raich and Peter Fill for Alpine skiing and Pietro Piller Cottrer for cross-country skiing. Today Briko products are sold in over 60 countries; Briko is carrying on its product development, currently focusing on skiing (both Alpine and Nordic skiing) and cycling; its wide range includes goggles, masks and helmets, as well as sports t