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Romentino, Italy (October 23, 2009) – Briko’s sports glasses and goggles collection is now featuring new models, first and foremost Action, a model targeted at all sportspeople, whose graphic versions are undoubtedly going to meet a wide range of tastes and styles. In particular, one version draws inspiration from the unmistakable style of the helmet of ski champion Benni Raich Briko’s testimonial and has even been named after him: “Blue Benni”. Product quality is ensured by the lenses’ finishes and features. Indeed, the Thrama lenses are undoubtedly going to appeal to all sportsmen, thanks to their ability to filter the three primary colours in different percentages, increasing colour contrast and thus optimising vision. Depending on specific needs and on brightness conditions, sportsmen will be able to choose between two types of lenses for this model: Thrama PC Polar Grey, ideal for very bright days and intense-light conditions, and Thrama Active Plus AF. The Thrama lenses also ensure 100% protection against UV rays and excellent scratch resistance. Visual comfort is also optimised by the technology applied to obtain these lenses: through the “mirroring treatment” metal particles are laid onto the lens surface, allowing to reflect excessive light, while on the inside, the “antifog” finishing treatment prevents steaming up and ensures excellent vision in all possible situations. Thanks to their technical and aesthetic features, the Briko Action glasses are targeted at all sport enthusiasts, particularly those who like having an original, unmistakable style – Briko style! But there is more

To all country-ski lovers, Briko offers the Dart Racing Duo glasses the same chosen by Pietro Piller Cottrer for both training and competitions! In this model too, the Thrama lenses have undergone the “mirroring” and “antifog” treatments. The nose-piece width can be adjusted thanks to an anti-slip design allowing the glasses to adapt to all face shapes (Asian Bridge included). Piller Cottrer has chosen the “Orange Fluo” model, but ski lovers will also have available another four graphic versions.

BRIKO Action glasses (014173):

Graphic versions: Blue Benni, Green Bode, White Pearl, Black, Chrome, Metal Red

Lenses: Thrama Activ Plus AF for Blue Benni, Green Bode and Black; Thrama PC Polar Grey for the other versions

Recommended retail price:

Thrama Active Plus AF lenses: $35.00

Thrama PC Polar Grey lenses: $45.00

BRIKO Dart Racing Duo glasses (014175):

Graphic versions: Orange Fluo, Metal Red, Royal, Black, Gun Metal.

Lenses: Thrama Active 4000 for intense-light conditions, and, alternatively, Thrama Plus 80, ideal for competitions and low visibility conditions.

Nose piece: adjustable width and antislip design.

Recommended retail price: $95.00

High-resolution images of BRIKO’s Action and Dart Racing glasses, in all graphic versions, are available at the following link: