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Briko Srl (Romentino, ITA) commits to North American market with wholly owned subsidiary companies in both the USA and Canada.

Burlington, VT (November 16, 2009) — After just one (very successful) year in business, Briko Srl of Romentino (NO) Italy has made a substantial commitment to the North American snow and bike markets by opening subsidiaries in both the US and Canada. Formed in 2008 by B Holdings, an Italian group of companies with interests in publishing, news media, and wine, Briko Srl began operations after purchasing the rights to the Briko brand from the Luxotica owned Type 20. Briko’s young chairman, Carlo Boroli is a former ski racer and avid sportsman who has infused new energy and passion into the brand while at the same time refocusing the companies efforts in R&D and customer service. The operations side was placed in the able hands of long-time ski industry veteran Maurizio Bessozi. Bessozi was not coincidentally one of the driving forces behind the brand in earlier days, prior to the sale to the Del Vecchio families’ Luxotica group.

While other winter sports companies are shutting doors and consolidating brands, Briko’s move to open subsidiaries may come as a surprise to some. But growth in the accessories sector and strong fiscal planning led Briko to do the exact opposite. Briko USA Corp has been formed as the US headquarters with offices in Burlington, VT and warehousing in the Manchester, NH area. While it’s northern brother Briko Canada Inc. will operate just 100 miles away in Montreal, Quebec. “Operating out of the East coast of both countries enables some efficiencies within sales, marketing, and customer care” says North American director Kirsten Andreae. Andreae, a former rep and Rossignol employee with strong ties to ski racing community was hired by Boroli in the spring to regrow the brand in the US and Canada.

BRIKO has been largely absent from the North American market for the past few years, but the company known equally for innovative design and safely protecting the heads of guys like Bode Miller and Benni Raich is preparing to make a big comeback. Though not officially’ launching a full collection until the SIA show in January, 2009-10 Briko racing products are available now at specialty retailers throughout the USA and Canada.

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