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Collaboration Will Invest in Ski Resort 2008-2009 Climate Change Program

Montreal, QC (April 11, 2008) — This has been a great snow season, and the people who run America’s ski areas want to see many more just like it. That’s why North America’s largest cold weather accessory manufacturer, BULA is teaming up with “Keep Winter Cool,” an innovative campaign to fight global warming. BULA will contribute 2% of its GREEN product line sales to support a sustainability grant program coming on line in the 2008/09 season to provide seed money to innovative resort initiatives on global warming.

“Global warming is a bottom line issue for the ski industry and its employees, as well as a key environmental concern,” said Bula Brand Manager Juliet Korver. “Donating a portion of proceeds from our new sustainable line is just one way we plan to green our organization and support greater eco-consciousness to ensure we have snow on the slopes for future generations to enjoy.”

Keep Winter Cool is a partnership among the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the National Ski Areas Association (NSAA), and California-based energy bar maker CLIF Bar & Company. The partnership views global warming as a problem that can be fixed with better technology and cleaner energy choices. The Keep Winter Cool partnership encourages resorts from coast to coast to take action to combat global warming and educate millions of resort guests about the potential impacts of global warming on snow sports and how to fix the problem through personal action and political action.

Protecting the winter climate is crucial for more than 11.5 million U.S. skiers and snowboarders. Climate experts say without action soon, ski regions could see less snow, reduced snow pack, and shorter, more erratic seasons. The effects of global warming are most pronounced at northern latitudes during wintertime. Snow pack also provides clean water for drinking, and agriculture and wildlife and alpine drought can leave mountains more susceptible to fire.

“NSAA welcomes BULA’s support of this important initiative. The ski industry knows that we can’t solve the problem of global warming alone. We applaud BULA for developing its sustainable “GO GREEN” line of products and reinvesting a portion of the proceeds from those products into the Keep Winter Cool program” said NSAA Public Policy Director Geraldine Link.

About the NSAA:

The National Ski Areas Association serves as the trade association for ski area owners and operators. The association began in 1962 and is located in Lakewood, Colorado.

About Bula Snow Accessories:

Bula’, a Fijian expression meaning “hello, peace and cheers’, is also the brand name for the Montreal-based premier snow sports accessory brand and manufacturer of winter headwear, socks, and base layers. Bula’s motto, “To live the good life” permeates all that we do, and is reflected in a product line that offers a wide variety of styles stressing high quality at a great price. Bula’s design team comes from a storied background within the industry with strong roots to snowboard, ski and beach culture. To learn more visit: