Industry Press Release

Chaos Expands CTR Headwear in Color, Function, and New Adventure Thermal Headwear for 2015



Montreal, Canada-Steamboat Springs, CO (January 15, 2015) — CTR (Chaos Thermal Regulation) announces its New Fall 2015-16 full-scale headwear collection for active thermal solutions outside, as well as year-round sun and street fashion headwear.

CTRNew design solutions and technologies are built into the CTR collection for 2015-16 with more performance accessories to meet the needs of today’s active year round exercise enthusiasts, including both shoulder seasons and winter training. For example, CTR is extending their STEALTH collection into a 100% reversible lightweight thermal program and further enhancing the Mistral program by adding hot patterns and colors to technical winter facemasks, balaclavas and helmet liners.  As well, CTR has added the Chase Collection to winter, with the active workout consumer in mind.Fabric updates to both the Howler and Adrenaline programs help round out the vast updates and modifications in the 2015-16 CTR collection.

The Stealth ‘Cross’ MTB featured is from the New Stealth Collection, performance accessories built to meet the needs of today’s outdoor training enthusiast.  The ‘Cross’ features a lightweight multi-functional hinged balaclava, 100% reversible full black and hi-res yellow and black neck tube, shaped to provide extra protection, complete retro reflectivity, flat lock seems and 3D panel construction. 61% polyester/335 Rayon-Viloft /6% Elastane.  MSRP $29.99.

CTR’s New Mistral Liner Glove features pro stretch, a wear-alone liner, integrated thumb and index finger friction guard, smart touch screen sensor, and reflective details. 85% Polyester and 15% Elastane. 3 sizes  #1668  MSRP $22.99

The Stealth ‘Race’ Skully, is a contoured drop ear skully offering comfort and fit, in100% reversible full black or hyper yellow, and featuring double layer ear band and single layer upper, complete reflectivity, and flat lock 3D seams. 61% polyester/335 Rayon-Viloft /6% Elastane. (featured above is the back of the skully with the reflective hits) #1201 MSRP $21.99

Pictured in red the Mistral skully in new colors: red, hi-vis yellow, grey specked, confetti specked, black and grey.

MSRP $19.99

New in the Chaos World Beat line is the Outdoor Adventure Collection