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Chaos Headwear Announces New Web Site with Shopatron


Steamboat Springs, CO (May 10, 2010) — Chaos Headwear officially launches their new Shopatron-enabled web site today. Using Shopatron’s world-class eCommerce platform, will now offer a fully interactive website that allows order fulfillment from local or regional stores. Local fulfillment translates to faster order delivery and motivated retail partners who stock more inventory. It also facilitates local in-store pickup, a convenience valued by many online shoppers and convenience is a primary driver of online sales. “Chaos is looking to build a strong online presence heading into this ski season, and we feel that we have found the right partner to help us do that in Shopatron,” says Dominic Chenelia, director of Sales and Marketing at Chaos. “This will be a great addition to what Chaos can offer for everyone from consumers to retailers, and we are excited about the launch and expect a good jump in sales over the next year.”

Chaos Headwear is expected to post surging sales as their 4th quarter fiscal year ends June 1. Combined with new product offerings, a committed environmental collection, nationwide regional programs, and the strategic partnership with Shopatron, Inc., Chaos is poised for retail sales growth for the coming years.

Expanded online marketing forms another cornerstone of the Chaos growth strategy. Regional and local viral marketing campaigns are planned for both Chaos and CTR- Chaos Thermal Regulation products at retail locations in local events across the United States. In addition, Chaos is rolling out geo-targeted email newsletters as well as focused “call-to-action” campaigns through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Shopatron, Inc., headquartered in San Luis Obispo, CA, places orders on branded websites managing a network of global partners for fulfillment, typically for assignment to local retailers. Shopatron’s eCommerce technology will allow Chaos to engage consumers with a significantly improved shopping experience. Orders placed on the Chaos site will be filled by a managed, distributed network of fulfillment partners, typically local retailers.

Additional website features include:

  • Social networking features that allow retailers, athletes, and fans to post and read news and event updates.
  • Community services that allow users to upload their own pictures and video and access a video library to Facebook-linked Fan pages.
  • Wider consumer options that enable shoppers to purchase items and have them shipped by the closest retailer or prepared for pickup at local stores.
  • Optimization for smart phones such as the Android and the iPhone.


For more information, please contact: Beth Cochran, 406.579.7909

To learn more about Chaos Headwear, our products and programs, log on to

Chaos’ is quality, responsiveness and a vast array of headgear possibilities. The Brand is owned by Do-Gree fashions, a Mill locally owned and operated with three generations of experience. Do-Gree Fashions in Montreal, Canada is able to respond quickly to both customer requests, as well as fast-paced market trends, both of which translate to unparalleled service. Designs from both CHAOS and sister brand MOON SHADOW vary from winter to four-season, urban to alpine, casual to high-end alpaca, all of which supply the men’s, women’s and youth markets. Materials include: merino wool, mohair, acrylic blends, cottons, angora, fleece, and technical fabrics from the New CTR-Chaos Thermal Regulation, Fits ALL 4X, Pro-Stretch» and Pro-Stretch plus», Windshield,  Dr