Industry Press Release



Steamboat Springs CO, (November 5, 2009) — Chaos headwear is leading one of strongest environmental programs on the market. Sales are up and there is no better way to make Green holiday margins. The Chaos organic “Green-label” offers recycled poly-wool, organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo blends. Within Chaos-the Peru Collection is a sustainable co-op program supplied by twenty-five Andean mountain villages.

Awarded for their ingenuity and variety by the 2009 Snow Sports Industry- SKI PRESS Edition for environmental acknowledgments, Chaos headwear is a quiet brand presenting one of the strongest environmental hat programs in the industry. Within the their natural collection they have introduced a line called, ENVIRO-TECH,’ the products reflect an ever-increasing sensitivity to the environment and the demand for products that address both function and action. This line includes hats of recycled poly blended with wool specifically makes use of post-consumer pop bottles-spun plastic’ to create resilient and thermal headwear. Each product in this category is lined with recycled fleece.

The Adam – The Angelina – The Percy – The Parker

Under the entire Chaos Green label is organic cotton, wool and bamboo blends that to continue to diversify their offerings with margins of non-organic hats. Each hat is merchandised with a recycled tag and cork label. The Chaos Green label uses only low impact dyes’ that have less toxic run-off into drains, oceans and ground water. The non-chemical dyes are made exclusively from vegetable and root powders. (images available)

In addition to the Green label, Chaos has a sister brand, Moon Shadow, within this category, is the Peru collection.’ This collection is equally special and unique in its sustainability mission. It is a small-individualized collection of hand-knit higher-end headwear sourced in the Alto-plano mountains of Peru. The Head Knitter’s Guild’ is a small network supplier of twenty five indigenous mountain pueblos producing custom made headwear for Moon Shadow. The hats range from sophisticated colorful Peruvian styles to playful animal portrayals ideal for urban fashion boutiques. They are now in their fourth year of development supplying both 100% alpaca hats and acrylic blends hats.

Keeping it local, the mill, Do-Gree Fashions, that develops these programs is located in North America in Montreal, Canada. The Do-Gree Fashions mill is family owned and operated. For over three generations Do-gree Fashions has been operating a successful knitting business with its beginnings being the development and distribution of the famous Daniel Boone raccoon hat. The brand Chaos headwear can make a difference in the community, and for local business. Add all kinds of Green to your holiday this season.