Industry Press Release

Chaos Headwear Spokesperson Chris Anthony Moving ahead with Youth Initiatives


More programs and partnerships reaching more kids annually:  Vail Resorts, SOS Outreach, First Descents

Steamboat Springs, CO (February 22, 2011) — Chaos is proud to share the latest programming from Chris Anthony’s Youth Initiative. Chris is Chaos headwear’s Athlete spokesperson, he is tireless in his pursuit to support the industry of Skiing and helping to see that all kids get a chance to be challenged and rewarded in the Mountains.


Founder Chris Anthony explains his goal, “THE YOUTH INITIATIVE PROJECT’S objective is to not interfere but to enhance the common goal of the alliances. Why try to fix it if its not broken. Give it an opportunity to be even better.” Chris Anthony


Chris Anthony leads outdoor adventures for kids of all kinds, he recently partnered with the Vail Resorts – “School of Shred” for a full day of skiing at Vail Mountain. The trip was part of a fall promotion by Vail Resorts to encourage 5th and 6th grade students to enroll in the School of Shred’ Program which offers four free days of skiing or snowboarding to Colorado 10 and 11 year olds. The school with the most registrants won a full ski day at Vail Mountain with Chris.


“Chris had spoken to the Vanguard Classical School Charter in Aurora as part of his Youth Initiative Program, and clearly his charisma and enthusiasm about the sport of skiing made an impression, as their school had the highest registration numbers, and won the ski day at Vail Mountain. More than 30 kids skied with Chris in Vail and logistics were sponsored by Vail Resorts.” Kate Lessman, Vail Resorts Corporate Communications

To earn the ski trip the teachers and Chris created programming to support a reward the kids with achievement goals to earn a day out. Chris’ goal remains steadfast: challenge and reward kids with the benefit of the outdoors and skiing – add all the fun with self-esteem builders to reach new goals.

“The highlight of the day for Anthony was seeing one of the students who was really struggling and not enjoying himself in the morning turn things around and excel in the afternoon. By the end of the day, all of the students were able to stop themselves and most of them were getting on the chairlift and linking turns, which as any ski instructor in town will tell you is a really great result for a group of never-evers.” Chris Anthony.