Industry Press Release

Chaos New Trending Forecast in Headwear for Winter 2012/13


Denver, Colorado SIA SnowShow, January 26 29, 2011 SIA Booth #2456

Steamboat Springs, CO (December 6, 2011) — Chaos announces trend forecasts for accessories to help buyers navigate this winter trade show season and compliment their apparel and hard good orders.  Featured Chaos picks this season include: new technical headwear and gloves by CTR- Chaos Thermal Regulation, winter trends in Novelty, World Beat, the Himalayan inspired Nyima, Women’s, and Kids collections.


Come visit the Chaos Headwear Booth #2456 at the Denver, Colorado SIA SnowShow, January 26 29, 2011.

Chaos will also be featured at the SIA Fashion Show, the Night of Day 1, January 26th from 6-8 pm at the Mile High Ballroom, Colorado Convention Center

Trends in fashion, new styles, designs, colors and fabrics for Autumn/Winter 2012, are profoundly inspired by the developing progression of technologies.  Garments exude a sense of refinement and experience.

There are three keywords for this season: MYRIAD, SYNTHESISE, and REMIX.  


MYRIAD’ for Chaos incorporates the Middle East’s thriving luxury market and the region’s inventive sustainable design. MYRIAD’ inspires a directional feeling of nomadic luxury. Comfort may be essential for performance wear, but increasingly the consumer is looking for an added sense of luxury and sustainability within their purchase. Considering a rejuvenated attitude of life’ within the outdoor performance industry and greater need for ethical clothing, the increased popularity of sports demands versatile design and lightweight materials within garment design.


Textiles with body climate control along with water, dirt and insect repelling fabric technologies are essential to functionality. Merino wool has become a favorite for outdoor apparel due to heightened demand for wool inclusive garments. Encompassing MYRIAD’ key aspect of luxury lifestyle is the rise of country chic and its associated sports.


Colors include classic solid hues of camel and acorn brown are contrasted with unexpected tones of ripe green and midnight blues. Refined tones of fossil grays’, rustic olive, mocha, vibrant coral orange and maroon red, and pay homage to Arabic culture.


Key Trends to remember are leather, sumptuous fur trims, thick knit scarf, metallic details, geometric prints, middle eastern influence, bobble hats with pom-poms, eternity scarves, luxurious deep purple, outdoor rugged styling, woolen duffel coat, oversized funnel neck, cable knit hood, and crochet details.


SYNTHESISE’ focuses on technology’s continued transformation of sport. Military style boot camp’ workouts are a growing lifestyle craze in exercise and as gaming technology substitutes handheld controllers for motion sensors, the necessity for movement is increased even more. These new designs reflect this demanding life style.


In colors, synthetic blends of saturated pigments portray a predominantly hi-tech palette. Frosted cable, translucent glacier and acetate indigo form the core colors, with metallic accents stimulating tones that SYNTHESISE’. Winter sports are painted in tranquil hues of faded lime and iced blue, warmed with jewel magenta, concentrate viola and cyan with hits of apricot and muted mauve. Within the SYNTHESISE’ snow sports range, hyper-real prints and synthetic palette combine for a “Korean-tech’ twist.

Key Trends in hard goods and apparel will include: pullover shell jackets, 3D-inspired colors, oversized funnel necks, knitted fair isles, fun geometric-prints, military influences, waterproof layering, digital patterns, color blocks, and retro styling.

Next is REMIX’; this explores underdog’ sports and niche lifestyles athletics, given a fashionable twist with Africa-