Industry Press Release

CHAOS/CTR Headwear Announces Official Pro-Winter Sport Team 13/14 in Snowboard and Freeskiing


Steamboat Springs, CO (December 3, 2013) — Chaos Headwear, makers of high quality headwear in the US and worldwide, supports a team of top notch winter sport athletes. This years’ team in the US include three Chaos veterans, along with newly elevated Spencer Kerines and Jesse Delgado. Chaos’ support helps these winter athletes reach their winter competition goals. Expert skier and Chaos spokesperson Chris Anthony, of Anthony Adventures, will guide the team energy to another successful season.  

Chaos Team 2013/2014

Chris Anthony Pro skier – Ski extreme guide, Warren Miller Spokesman, Vail, CO

Anthony is a pro skier and ski extreme guide, and will guide the team’s energy for another successful season. For the last 24 years Anthony has traveled as a member of the Warren Miller Film Team, emceeing film events nationwide. Anthony motivated the creation of the new documentary “Climb to Glory, The Legends of the 10th Mountain Division.” Be sure to look for Chris’ Quick Tips on TV8 all winter with CTR – Chaos Thermal Regulation, which will include various Live FOX televised tips for the latest in snow sports. Anthony also runs his own youth initiative program,(Chris Anthony Youth Initiative), whose mission is to improve the quality of life for youth through introducing them to educational enrichment opportunities. Chris visits schools and utilizes a multimedia presentation from his Warren Miller Film, which guides kids on a global journey. His resume of expertise includes: writing for several publications, co-authoring a guidebook, screen writing, hosting television programming, being a Heliguide and a motivational speaker.

“Chaos has been an amazing partnership.  Not only do they love the lifestyle that I live, but they live it themselves.  The creative energy they show along with the support and community is truly amazing.  This reflects in the product itself.   They just get it.” Chris Anthony

Colin Spencer

Snowboarder, Breckenridge, CO

Spencer, a top snowboarder from Golden, Colorado, is now living in Breckenridge. Colin is a highly ranked rider and his contests this season will include Dew Tour in Breckenridge, Killington Vermont, and Snobasin, Utah. He plans on competing in the Burton Open (invite only) series, as well as the Ride Shakedowns. He most recently was a coach at High Cascade Snowboard Camp on Mt. Hood in Oregon, and has been featured in many films, such as YES Missions (web series) Role Model Films,  Cockfight, SixEleven productions, “It¹s Our Fault,” and YES it’s a movie Too. This season Colin will be featured in both film and a number of winter publications; look for him in Snowboarder Magazine, Snowboard Magazine, Transworld, Frequency Steeze Magazine and Snowboard, Colorado. In addition to Chaos, his sponsors are YES Snowboards, INI Cooperative and Jammy pack, Dakine, Spy, and Yea Nice. Colin has been with Chaos for four seasons.

Suz Graham

Freestyle skier and BASE jumper, Whistler, British Columbia

Graham, 26, a professional free-style skier and BASE jumper, grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is now based out of Whistler, British Columbia. Suz, who was raised in an outdoor lifestyle and fell