Industry Press Release

CoZone® Hooded Jump Suit Receives National Award in Passion Project Contest by American Express®


Slightly Ridiculous, Extremely Comfortable adult onesie takes home the prize. Was it the “Butt-Flap” or its supreme comfort?

Broadway, VA ( January 29, 2014) — Comfort Zone Apparel LLC, maker of the ultra comfortable and

supremely functional CoZone® brand Hooded Jump Suit, has been selected Grand Prize Winner of the

Passion Project contest sponsored by American Express.

The CoZone Hooded Jump Suit was one of 10 winners selected as the contest concluded on December

31, 2013. From when the contest launched on June 18th, 2013, there were over 2,000 entries received,

with 10 winners being selected at the conclusion of each month ending with December. The total

numbers of entries were not released by the contest organizer, but the number of entries posted on the

contest web site exceeded 2,000.

“For the CoZone to be selected over so many worthy Passion Project entries is truly humbling. For a

home-grown family business like ours, it’s difficult to express how much this means to us. We’re truly

thankful to American Express for running a contest like this, and for selecting the CoZone Hooded Jump

Suit from such a wide pool of entrants.”

Following 2.5 years of development, the family-owned company launched the 100% Made in the USA

CoZone Hooded Jump Suit in 2013. “We believe 95% of Americans arrive home at the end of the day,

and one of the first things they do is change into something more comfortable,” said Nick. He went on

to add, “We put a lot of thought and planning into the functionality of the CoZone, with side zipper

pockets, and the very important Butt Flap, which we promise will come in handy at just the right time.”

The company’s tag line sums up the CoZone pretty well, “Slightly Ridiculous, Extremely Comfortable.”

The honor bestowed upon Comfort Zone Apparel by American Express through the Passion Project

contest is certainly a sign of good things to come.

About Comfort Zone Apparel LLC

Comfort Zone Apparel LLC is a family-owned clothing company located in the Shenandoah Valley of

Virginia. The company has two main goals, comfort and putting smiles on faces. Its flagship product is

the CoZone Hooded Jump Suit, the most comfortable, yet functional “adult onesie” available. The

company sells directly on its web site at, through retail stores, and is represented on

social media at, and