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Demon Completes Acquisition of Flexmeter, a division of Docmeter


Salt Lake City, UT (January 11, 2013) — Demon International, LC DBA Action Sports Group, has successfully completed the acquisition of the France based activities and concept Flexmeter and associated IP. The Flexmeter, a division of the Docmeter company, led by Dr. Binet is a developer and innovator of protective wrist guards for action sport athletes.

The Flexmeter wrist guard and wrist guard glove is a unique support system designed by trauma surgeon Dr Binet which allows for movement and flexing in the wrist while still maintaining optimal protection. The Flexmeter Wrist Guard provides a unique safety cage preventing hyper-extension of the wrist. Flexmeter uses a Hytrel thermoplastic splint by Dupont » to prevent wrist extension beyond a certain angle and absorbs compression forces. In a field experiment  launched in two ski resorts the Flexmeter concept had 75% less fractures than the witness group wearing no protection or another type of protection. It is registered as a design Patent in the USA D0528214.

“We are convinced that the takeover of the Flexmeter brand by Demon International is the right step to provide this concept with broad international exposure”, said General Manager of Docmeter/Flexmeter Serge Darcy.  “It will benefit a much larger number of snow sports enthusiasts who had no access to this special type of protection and allow many more people to participate in snowsports with total confidence”, says Dr Binet.

Demon International will distribute Flexmeter wrist guards and wrist guard gloves through its current distribution channels covering 30 countries worldwide in 2013. Demon will also select several branded partners to integrate the Flexmeter technology into their own branded gloves.

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About Demon United:

Born out of the Rocky Mountains in Salt Lake City Utah, Demon was founded in 1999.  Starting with a single product and a vision to create the greatest protective gear and accessory company, two brothers set off on a journey of design and testing. 10 years later we find ourselves still based out of Salt Lake City, our product range has grown to 150 products and the brand of Demon can be found in over 30 countries around the world. We are devoted to action and gravity sports athletes world wide and strive to create technology driven protective gear and accessories available. Check us at

About Docmeter:

Docmeter was founded in France in 2001 by a doctor who specializes in sports trauma. Dr. Binet has been working at the ski resort of Avoriaz for 30 years.  Flexmeter products were created to prevent snowboarding wrist injuries and protect other exposed areas when participating in winter sports. The development of this product range have received several awards including Anvar and Oseo Innovation, and was awarded two Brand New Awards (2002, 2003) at ISPO. More information can be found at