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DPS Launches Dreamtime Preorder and a New Ski


Salt Lake City, UT, (July 19, 2012) — DPS Skis, the world’s only manufacturer of pure prepreg carbon fiber sandwich skis, is pleased to announce the start of their annual Dreamtime Preorder event today through August 1st, and the launch of a new ski, the Wailer 112RPC.

As the dog days of summer take hold across the country, skiers’ thoughts drift towards winter. Days are slowly becoming shorter, and soon enough sweltering afternoons will be replaced by powder filled mornings of cold smoke.

In light of summer dreaming, DPS’ Dreamtime Preorder event allows skiers the chance to buy DPS’ award-winning skis at a once-per year discount, including Special Edition skis and the new Wailer 112RPC.

“Dreamtime Preorder is an opportunity for skiers to dream,” says DPS marketing director Philip Drake. “When skis arrive at doorsteps in August, minds wander into the heart of winter. DPS skis purchased in the summer often find prominent places in homes around the world, as reminders of special days to come.”

Watch the Dreamtime Short

In conjunction with Dreamtime Preorder, DPS proudly announces the launch of the Limited Edition Wailer 112 RPC. The Wailer 112 RPC is a powder surfing/charging machine, and a special variation of the award winning Wailer 112 RP a close family member.

“It’s an RP, and features DPS’ Paddle Tech Geometry» which made the 112 such a great ski, but the RPC is designed to ski more in the fall line and with more speed,” notes Marshal Olson, retail sales manger for DPS.

Watch the Wailer 112RPC Video

Combined with DPS’ powerful yet lightweight carbon construction, this unique shape will allow skiers to surf powder in the morning, then charge leftovers all day as they sniff out stashes.

The Limited Edition Wailer RPC is available during the Dreamtime Preorder July 19 – August 1, 2012.

About DPS

DPS is a leader in innovative design and shaping, and is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City. The company started in 2005 when Stephan Drake met Peter Turner and a partnership was born. Combining Peter’s background as a leading engineer in the ski-manufacturing world and Stephan’s vision and powder psyche, the duo created groundbreaking skis using space age materials and innovative shapes. DPS Skis are sold on four continents and are a trusted brand of serious skiers worldwide. For more information visit or call +1.801.413.1737.