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DPS Launches Foundation – a complete bottom-up redesign from a construction and shaping standpoint.



Salt Lake City, UT (January 26, 2016) — DPS is proud to announce the launch of Foundation, DPS’ newest construction and a monumental leap forward from the Hybrid ski construction era.

Foundation is a completely reimagined and rebuilt ski construction category that represents a futuristic approach to ski design. Every model in the Foundation series shares DPS Chassis DNA, a shaping design that yields performance consistency from shape-to-shape and length-to length. Foundation’s construction represents a bottom-up redesign from the Hybrid era, while keeping the same price point at $799 USD. The only materials incorporated from the old Hybrids into Foundation are top-end carbon race bases, and the well-proven, textured Polyamide top. The laminates are new. The core is new. The feel is now more powerful, stable, planted and damp. The construction employs the absolute best-in-class components from start-to-finish, with top-notch durability.

“For 2016-17, we’ve redoubled efforts in our R+D and rolled out the red carpet for the new centerpiece Foundation line,” explains DPS Founder, Stephan Drake. “The on-snow feel is a wonderful blend of power and dampness that is readily accessible to a wide range of skier profiles.” Incorporated within this construction is DPS’ Chassis DNA concept. Drake further explains, “in ski design, there is a conventional hierarchy of variables that drive the end shape. In Foundation, we reprioritized and reorganized these drivers so that the design now starts directly under your foot and moves outward to the tip and tail, as opposed to overlaying flex patterns on pre-drawn shapes. The result is an optimized relationship between the flex pattern and sidecut that is perfected through testing, and then mathematically translated across every model in the Foundation lineup. The goal is to create a distinct DPS feel that can be sensed in every ski from the Cassiar 82 all the way to the Lotus 124.”

Chassis DNA is incorporated throughout the Foundation line, and will be available in new Pure3 and Tour1 shapes such as the Wailer 106, Lotus 124, and Cassiar 82/87 launching during the 2016-17 winter. Learn more at

About DPS
DPS designs the world’s most advanced skis. Inspired by a vision to make perfect skis worthy of those who live and breathe the sport, and located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, DPS introduced the world’s first prepreg carbon fiber sandwich ski, the first 120mm powder pintail, transferred the word “rocker” from surfing to skiing—building the first rockered ski with sidecut—and then unleashed the Spoon. The fusion of space-age carbon technology and groundbreaking shaping allows dedicated skiers to match shaping with construction—giving an unparalleled choice, and resulting in the world’s most advanced quiver of skis. Learn more at