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Dressing in Layers is Key to a Positive Ski and Snowboard Learning Experience


Lakewood, CO (January 10, 2011) Dressing in layers and staying away from moisture-absorbing clothing is the smart way to participate in outdoor winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, according to organizers of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month going on now through January 31. provides links to more than 300 resorts and ski areas throughout the U.S. that are participating in the program.

A layering system includes three components: an inner moisture-wicking layer, an insulating layer and an outer shell layer to shield off wind and other weather elements. Natural fibers such as cotton and wool tend to retain moisture and lose their insulating value. When skin gets wet in a cold environment, it lowers the core body temperature. Synthetic fabrics wick moisture away from the skin. They also dry quickly and help keep the wearer warm. 

“You don’t have to break the bank to outfit yourself for skiing or snowboarding since most items of clothing for snow sports can be found in one’s closet”, said Mary Jo Tarallo, director for Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. “A pair of long underwear can come in handy anytime in colder climates. Most people have turtle necks, sweaters, a fleece vest or light fleece jacket and an outerwear garment that is made of synthetic material. A pair of lightweight synthetic pants can be slipped over the long underwear for lower body protection.”

Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month organizers also stress wearing gloves or mittens and a warm hat. Resorts and ski areas participating in Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month have shops where consumers can purchase more specialized products. Such specialty retail shops are also located in most metropolitan areas.

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Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month is an industry initiative organized by numerous state and regional ski associations, the leading snow sports media outlets, snow sports rep associations, the Professional Ski Instructors of America, the American Association of Snowboard Instructors, SnowSports Industries America, the National Ski Patrol, and the National Ski Areas Association.

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