Industry Press Release

EC3D Sports launches new Bhot Collection with Merino wool


Laval, Quebec (January 11, 2013) — EC3D is thrilled to announce its new Bhot line with Merino wool. This new collection has all the great compression benefits and product features of EC3D Sports garments and is made with Merino wool.

Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn directly against the skin. The perfect blend of natural fibers provides some warmth without overheating the wearer. The Bhot line’s premium light and breathable fabric keeps your body warm when it’s cold and cools the body when it’s hot, making the line an excellent base layer option as well. Combine the comfort of Merino wool with EC3D engineered compression technology and you get the best winter and outdoor performance gear. EC3D is the only company offering garments with Merino wool having true medical-grade calibrated compression.


  • Improved blood circulation
  • 29% reduction in lactic acid
  • Increased oxygen delivery to muscles
  • Better muscle alignment
  • Better posture and balance
  • Reduced muscle oscillation
  • Reduced recovery time

New line includes: Bhot compression ls top, Bhot compression ss compression top, Bhot compression tight, Bhot compression knicker and the Bhot compression sock. Available in black with orange/red pinstripes or with pink/white pinstripes for women. For more details visit

About EC3D

EC3D optimal compression technology is the result of 15 years of state-of-the-art technological innovation for the medical field woven with a devotion to the active lifestyle. This Montreal-based company is specialized in three-dimensional seamless compression garments.  Please see for more information about the company.