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Elan Unveils The New Ripstick Ski and TNT Technology for 2016/2017 Season



Proprietary TNT technology combines a TubeLite Woodcore [Tip-to-Tail Carbon Tubes] and VaporTip Inserts [advanced composites] to create a Lightweight Ski with Maximum Performance

Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia (January 27, 2016) — Elan, an icon of innovation, technology, and top-of-the-line design, today unveils its latest masterpiece, The Ripstick. The Ripstick was created to help all skiers excel on the toughest terrain and in the most challenging conditions. This unique ski utilizes TNT technology, which combines a TubeLite Woodcore with VaporTip inserts.

“We’ve been making skis for more than seventy years and I believe that the Ripstick will make history as one the best performing skis for the most demanding terrain,” said Melanja Šober, Elan Head of Product Management. “Building off of our patented Amphibio technology, we’ve built a ski that utilizes the most forward-thinking technology, TNT, that allows skiers to take on the toughest terrain with ease.”

Designed and built with a passion for fun, Ripstick’s TNT technology is extremely maneuverable, smooth & light and includes the following technologies:

  • VAPORTIP INSERTS: Are advanced composites integrated into the tip and tail of the ski’s core. These inserts reduce weight and vibration, dramatically improving stability and ensuring a smooth ride; even in the most demanding conditions.
  • TUBELITE WOODCORE: Tip-to-tail carbon tubes run the length of the ski’s woodcore, following the arc of the side cut providing torsional stability and powerful rebound, reducing weight without sacrificing performance.
  • AMPHIBIO:  Thanks to the Amphibio® Profile, there’s no compromise between extreme maneuverability and amazing edge grip. The result is “energy efficient” performance that encourages a proper parallel position that enhances technique and the ability of a wide range of skiers, even in the most demanding conditions.
  • SST SIDEWALL: Skiers experience the thrill of direct power transmission from the foot to the edge thanks to vertically placed ABS sidewall material above the edges from the tip to the tail of the ski.

The Ripstick series will be available in the Unite States in September 2016. MSRP varies based on models.

RIPSTICK 116 $900
RIPSTICK 106 $800
RIPSTICK 96 $700
RIPSTICK 86 $425

About Elan
Elan was born in the Alps in 1945, and for over 70 years it has been a pioneer of innovation in the winter sports industry.  Our core principle is our belief that the development of progressive designs and advanced technologies provides the surest path to the creation of superior products, and superior experiences for the people who use them. We continually engage in the creation and application of these developments in ways that further push the envelope of performance.  The results of this approach are impressive to consider. Our ski production facility is now the largest in the world, and has produced more award winning developments and technologies than any other in the history of skiing.