Industry Press Release



Andover, NJ (November 4, 2009) — Erik Sports Inc, a North American snow sports distributor for 36 years, including Whitewoods Nordic & snowshoes, Rottefella ski bindings and Matrix snowboard, goes Solar. Erik Sports made the decision to become sustainable for environmental as well as financial reasons.

“The investment in renewable energy makes sense for the environment, our company and the snow sports industry.” We are proud to join the fight against greenhouse gas emissions because we understand that our business and passion for our sport is dependent on a healthy environment,” said Michael Messler, President of Erik Sports. “I don’t believe that one company will make a measurable difference, but I hope we can be a leader by example, illustrating that the green accomplishments made by Erik Sports, are tangible projects for all snow sports companies. Other companies should understand that sustainable projects have become more affordable, and with State & Federal incentives, there is no reason not to adopt a sustainability program of some magnitude.”

Erik Sports installed a 14,400 watt Solar PV (electric) system on the roof of their warehouse in Andover, New Jersey. Consisting of 80 panels of 180 watts each the system is tied into the grid with a bi-directional meter so excess energy is fed back during excess production of electricity. The system will produce approximately 22,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity per year, and will provide 85% of the annual 26,000 Kilowatt hours required for the entire building in Andover, NJ.

The solar system will save 54,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. This is equivalent to planting approximately 2,704 trees to remove this carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. There are several other pollutants saved from the atmosphere such as Mercury and acid rain that are by-products of coal burning to produce electricity.

“I am honored to do business with a company that has committed itself to such major advancements into stable energy in a mostly industrial state like New Jersey,” said Gary LoRusso, buyer for Campmor Inc. “Consider this a wakeup call to the major players in our industry.”

The solar system was only part of Erik Sports Inc company-wide energy saving project. Before producing solar electricity, Erik Sports Inc reviewed the way electricity was being consumed within the building. The offices and warehouse lights were all old technology T-12 fluorescent lights. All the lights in the building were replaced with new T5 fluorescent lights, reducing the electric consumption by almost 40%. Lighting consumed the most electricity, and the cost of the replacements will be amortized within 3 years. Installation of motion sensors also reduced the time that lights were left on.

Beyond saving power, the warehouse portion of the building has been equipped with a wood boiler to provide heat. The wood boiler eliminated the past usage of an oil fired furnace and reliance on foreign oil. In order to minimize the amount of wood burning, the 300 gallons of water contained in the boiler has been incorporated with an evacuated tube solar thermal heating system. 75 solar tubes located on the roof of the warehouse provide heated liquid to the wood boiler on any sunny day, reducing or eliminating the need for any wood.


Erik Sports is a family owned company, specializing in the distribution and marketing of Nordic ski equipment, snowshoes and snowboard equipment to retailers within North America. Brands distributed include Whitewoods, Rottefella and Matrix. The company was started 36 years ago by Eric Messler, who is currently 90 years old. His passion for Nordic sports and the outdoors began as a child in Sweden and has been passed down with the same enthusiasm to the next generations. Erik Sports is a member of SIA, CCSSA and a supporter o