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Five elected to National Ski Patrol board of directors


Lakewood, CO (December 15, 2014) — The National Ski Patrol announced that five people have been elected to the organization’s board of directors for three-year terms that commence January 2015, at the NSP’s midwinter board meeting held in Denver.

One of the five, Keith Cassidy, of Arlington, Virginia, is a previous board member, while the other four have been elected for the first time. Also elected were Rick Knight, of Southington, Connecticut, Ken Kramer, of Englewood, Colorado, Chris Pringle, of Rowley, Massachusetts, and Bill Sinykin, of Smithfield, Utah.

“These five people have strong and diverse professional backgrounds that will make them a great asset to the National Ski Patrol,” said NSP Board Chair Ed McNamara. “The NSP Nominations Committee compiles a ‘List of Needs’ each year that helps determine the qualifications each board candidate should have. Of the successful candidates in this election, one has a strong finance background that can help the board with budgeting, and one has experience with IT systems and can help us in our search for new IT solutions.

“We have a Colorado attorney who is well-connected to the state and well-respected for his services that can bring another element, and then we have a division director that has deep knowledge of NSP and working with the various divisions around the country, and finally a returning board member who is a federal attorney who has served as an assistant chair, which helps keep continuity in the board structure.”

There are 13 members on the NSP board, representing six of NSP’s 10 geographic divisions. Board elections are held annually via electronic ballot from October 15 to December 1. The election process begins in March, when the Nominations Committee develops the “List of Needs” and opens the application period for candidates.

“We look forward to welcoming our new board members in January, and believe that the expertise they each bring will continue to help elevate the NSP as we go into the next years planning process,” said NSP Executive Director John McMahon.

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