Industry Press Release



San Clemente, CA (April 14, 2008) — FLOW recognizes that the progression of women’s snowboarding has come a long way. For three years in a row, the FLOW Myriad women’s specific snowboard has taken the gold in craftsmanship to the next level. Nothing has been compromised or overlooked, just tweaked a little for the female frame allowing the most aggressive of women riders to go BIG. But now it’s time to give something back to the women who ride it. FLOW is proud to announce the 08/09 women’s Myriad snowboard in partnership with the Boarding For Breast Cancer foundation.

Boarding For Breast Cancer “is a non-profit, youth-focused education, awareness, and fundraising organization”. A Portion of the proceeds from the FLOW Myriad snowboard will gladly be donated to B4BC, whose mission is to increase awareness about breast cancer by educating women about the importance of early detection and leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the cash donation, FLOW will also be donating one of the Myriad boards for auction during one of the many B4BC events that take place every year.

While many snowboarding companies have spent a lifetime trying to fit-in, FLOW has spent its time standing out. Born from originality, FLOW is defiant against the norm of tradition. The world has witnessed how this one time “binding” company has progressed into the leader of innovative products featuring a complete line of “speed entry” bindings, performance proven boots and award winning snowboards. FLOW has taken its technology and produced one of the greatest snowboard teams ever assembled. The future is here, the future is FLOW.