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FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification granted to Foam Magazine printer, reinforcing environmental position.

San Clemente, CA (September 30, 2008) — Foam Magazine and Airborne Media LLC announce that Foam Magazine will be printed with FSC certification. This assures that Foam Magazine leads in its field, adhering to a comprehensive set of environmental policies.

In order to obtain this certification, a printer must meet or exceed environmental guidelines set by the FSC, as audited by a third party, for up to one year. Guidelines include waste management practices, the percentage of post-consumer recycled content in the paper, as well as the use of paper from forests that are sustainably harvested (as documented through chain of custody certification).

For a forest to be considered sustainably harvested, it must regrow faster than it is cut. A well managed forest, in which trees are selectively thinned to allow ample sunlight for the remaining trees, can actually absorb more CO2 than an unmanaged forest.

Although Foam has been printed on 20% recycled paper (10% post consumer waste) for four years, the FSC certification ensures that any virgin or recycled paper Foam uses is obtained in a sustainable manner. The certification represents a new benchmark in Foam and Airborne LLC’s long term efforts to operate in an environmentally aware and responsible manner.

“With FSC certification, we’ve reached a milestone for our business,” commented Airborne Media LLC’s Group Publisher, Ross Garrett. “We’ve made serious attempts to reduce waste and better our practices in our daily business, but our largest source of waste, the product itself, has been the proverbial elephant in the room. Today, thanks to our friends at our printer American Web, we feel we have made the most significant step among our peer group towards operating a greener media company.”

In addition to the FSC certification, Foam is printed with inks that are blended to contain the highest percentage of soy content possible without sacrificing high quality print reproduction.

The first magazine to reflect this new certification will be Foam Magazine, 26 “Globe,” on sale November 16, 2008. To review Foam Magazine’s current issue, subscribe, or view Foam’s digital properties, log on to

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Airborne Media is a multi-platform media company producing print, digital, and event products for surf-inspired boardsport and enthusiast markets. Headquartered in San Clemente, California, and with the internet as its publishing nexus, Airborne Media will deliver content through print magazines, books, mobile phones, DVDs, PDF downloads, podcasts, sampling, live events, and other specialty products.

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American Web was founded by group of leading management professionals in 1981 and has since grown to become the nation’s premiere special interest publication and catalog printer. Centrally located in Denver, Colorado, American Web prints over 250 local and regional titles for a national client base.