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Don’t miss amazing specials including “Check 1, 2: Ben Harper & Relentless7,” “TransWorld SURF Swimsuit Issue 2008,” “Insane Cinema: On The Pipe #1.”

Los Angeles, CA (January 8, 2009) — FUEL TV, the only network dedicated to the lifestyle of action sports, announces the premiere of season seven of “The Captain And Casey Show” and season three of “FUEL TV presents Camp Woodward” this January.

In addition, FUEL TV will be heating up the month with an incredible line up of specials including the motocross movies “On The Pipe #1” and “On The Pipe #2;” the TransWorld SKATEboarding video “And Now;” the “TransWorld SURF Swimsuit Issue 2008;” the ASP World Tour contests “The Gidget Pro Sunset Beach,” “Billabong Pro Maui” and “Billabong Pro Mundaka 2009;” and an inspired musical performance in “Check 1, 2: Ben Harper & Relentless7.”

Series Premieres

Friday, 1/1/2010

The Captain & Casey Show, Season 7 8:00pm ET/PT in Skate @ 8

“The Captain & Casey Show” takes the viewer into a smelly place most have never cared about; the bowels of the professional skateboarding world. Captain and Casey pose as the world’s worst sports announcers as they extract all the secrets of this mind-bending subculture from today’s top pros. The skateboarding community is a tough nut to crack, but once those nuts are open, the sweet nutmeat of skating can be sampled by all.

Sunday, 1/31/2010

FUEL TV presents Camp Woodward, Season 3 8:00pm ET/PT

Welcome to a new season of “FUEL TV presents Camp Woodward,” where we follow three new campers – Sean Ricany (BMX), Zane Timpson (skateboard) and Jovon Vest (skateboard) – in their exciting day-to-day lives as campers at the largest action sports facility in the world. These kids don’t hold back when the cameras are on, and you’ll see as much drama as tricks between these three shredders. Nothing was planned or scripted; these youngins’ take it to the next level on their own. Zane is busy ripping the entire camp, while attempting to make a feature film called “Dawn of the Living Shred” with zombies played by cast members of previous seasons. Meanwhile, Jovon and Sean fight off injuries and each other as tensions run high. There’s also plenty of new stuff at the camp, including the brand new Target Street Plaza and BMX dirt jumps. Don’t miss all eight episodes, now in HD, of the new season of “FUEL TV presents Camp Woodward.”

January Films, Events and Specials

Monday, 1/4/2010

Road Fools Levi’s Rock n Roll Tour – 8:00pm ET/PT Meet & Brotatoes

What do you get when you throw 13 of the best professional BMXers in a tour bus for ten days straight? Absolute mayhem! Road Fools loads up the bus with the biggest names in BMX and travel the globe in search of all-night riding sessions at the best spots including street, skate parks, trails, and backyard ramps. Along the way we will visit every major city in the country, avoid the police, ride the sickest spots, visit the ER, and really get on each others nerves.

Monday, 1/4/2010

Insane Cinema: From MDP With Love – 9:30pm ET/PT

From MDP With Love is a snowboarding film that takes you on a journey around the world with 15 of the best snowboarders in the game. We start in the frozen city of Helsinki as the boys destroy the urban sprawl, then join-up with some of the best backcountry snowboarders in the industry to annihilate the Lake Tahoe region. We travel across the pond to Arlberg, Austria with as the ride the Arlberg Mountains and get buried in powder, and then back again to Reno, Nevada for an insane 100-year storm. The Ural Mountains of Russia are next, then Norway, Montana, and Minnesota. We close-out with the destruction of snowboarding parks around the West Coast, including Big Bear, Northstar, Sierra,