Industry Press Release

Grand Targhee Resort and Protect Our Winters Award Environmental Grants To Select Teton Valley Non-Profits


Alta, WY (April 10, 2011)  – Grand Targhee Resort and Protect Our Winters are proud to announce the granting of over $9,400 to Teton Valley non-profits for environmental projects benefiting the local community. The Targhee Protect Our Winters (POW) Foundation awarded seven local non-profits funds for projects ranging from solar panel installation to gardening education.


The Targhee POW Foundation collects donations throughout the year from employees who generously donate a specified amount from each paycheck.  These donations are matched 100% by the Resort.  Guests during the 2010/11 winter season were also able to participate in our fundraising efforts through the POW Targhee Two-Fer days – an offer that included two lift tickets and a $10 donation to POW for just $79.


The Foundation’s grant selection committee, open to any interested employee, selects recipients that meet the intent of foundation’s mission: to enhance and protect the environmental quality of Teton Valley through projects that protect ecosystems, promote environmental education and foster community stewardship of natural resources.

The committee selected the following grants for full funding:


Friends of the Teton River                    $1750

FTR will expand their Watershed Education Program with a new Snow and H2O curriculum that connects snow, climate, and water resources through water conservation, snow science, climate change lessons and watershed stewardship activities for K-12 students.


Idaho Fish and Game                           $1000

IDFG and partners will conduct avian and amphibian surveys during 2011 and 2012 designed to fill in knowledge gaps for aid in preserving, protecting and managing conservation priority wildlife populations and identify important habitats within the Teton River canyon system.


Slow Food in the Tetons                      $2000

Slow Food in the Tetons will develop an Outreach Center to include a large (300-title) library of book on food, cooking, nutrition, farming, business development, environmental activism, green building. They will also conduct a Food Census, targeting farmers, food producers, institutions and individual consumers to determine state of the local food production, distribution, and market as well as the community’s needs and hopes for the future.


Teton Regional Land Trust                   $500

TRLT will increase their organization’s understanding of climate change by allowing staff to participate in the Greater Yellowstone Climate Change Working Group, attend climate change conferences and seminars, and consult with partners, scientists and natural resource experts.  The long-term outcome of this effort is for TRLT to mitigate the impacts of climate change on regional natural resources by identifying those lands most important to fish and wildlife and most resilient to changes in temperature and precipitation and to engage in their protection and restoration.


Teton Valley Education Foundation     $2000

This grant will support Get Out! a curriculum for local fifth grade students to encourage them as the next generation of conservationists and stewards for the Greater Yellowstone Geo-ecosystem, through a week-long trip to Yellowstone National Park.