Industry Press Release



Gloversville, NY (March 9, 2009) — The Grandoe Corporation, purveyors of ultimate quality handwear for the sports and casual/dress markets, is maintaining a positive outlook for fall 2009 business, in spite of the economic woes that have saturated the media and the snow sports industry.

“Our company has been in business since the late 1800’s, now spanning across three centuries. Honestly speaking, we have seen it all in terms of varying degrees of economic posture. We’ve endured several wars, recessions, market crashes, and depressions, yet we have always maintained a standard of excellence that has enabled us, and our customers, to rise above and stay in business,” says Jeff Lee, Vice President of Sales for Grandoe.

“What’s the secret? says Lee, Simply put, we always focus on the long term. We continually invest in our brand and stand by the quality and innovation of our products, which has been the driving force behind our success since day one. We have a myriad of glove selections for our customers to choose from, at price points that fit each retailer’s personal business requirements. What we won’t do, is sacrifice the integrity of the brand merely to produce cheap gloves in what is perceived to be a struggling market. In the end, it’s the higher quality product that produces the more profitable results at retail, and that is how we’ve managed to maintain the uncompromising standards we set more than 100 years ago. We expect our pre-season bookings to be up significantly for fall 2009, which is very encouraging.”

Grandoe, owner of the most recognized patents (GCS, MC2, Comfort V6, Airflow) in winter sports glove history, has been producing gloves and servicing