Industry Press Release



Guilford, NH (March 31, 2009) –The Gunstock Freestyle Academy enjoyed a great season of snow, sun, and tearing up the mountain. Coaches, members and parents are sad to see the season end but enjoyed bringing a friend and talking about the year during a casual lunch after playing on the mountain. Everyone is looking forward to next year to fine tune their skills and add new tricks to their personal repertoires. Steve Lee, Tom Ryan, Steve Milligan and Kyle Baron are commended for the instruction and attention they give to the kids that allows them to progress.

GFA participated in some of Gunstocks sponsored park events this year with the proceeds going to a variety of local charities. Zach Aubin, GFA’s youngest and newest member, received a Bronze and Silver medal in skiing. Callie Dawson shredded her way to two Silver medals and a Gold. The veteran members also did well in the competitions displaying their increased confidence and new tricks. Nicole Allen received two Gold medals in the girls snowboarding events while Joey Guyotte completed the season with two Bronze medals and a Silver.

The parents and board of the Freestyle Academy are looking forward to growing the program next year and offering recreational and competitive memberships. Recreational memberships will allow kids to improve their personal abilities and work with coaches to accomplish specific goals. Coaches for the competitive members will prepare skiers and boarders for upcoming competitions with an additional training session during the week. GFA meets Saturday and Sunday throughout the winter season from 9:00am 2:30pm. Gunstocks variety of trails and parks allow coaches to train all levels of ability and interest making it a great program for a wide range of skills. Information regarding the program, coaches, and events can be found at