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How And Why Americans Engage With Winter Sports Brands: Research Reveals Social Networking Plays A Major Role In Activity


Nearly Half of Winter Sports Participants Recommend Products or Brands to Peers

Baltimore, MD (January 13, 2012) — Slightly over one in five American adults (21 percent) revealed that they ever participate in any winter sport, according to new research released today from IMRE Sports, and conducted on their behalf by Harris Interactive. Among those who ever participate in winter sports, 47 percent make recommendations to their peers about their favorite winter sports products or brands.

The research also indicated that among those who ever participate in winter sports, 74 percent use social media sites. Interestingly enough, of that 74 percent, 84 percent utilize the platform to follow brands.

Harris Interactive conducted this survey online among 2,292 adult Americans ages 18 and older between December 19 and 21, 2011. The research was spearheaded by the Maryland-based sports marketing agency, IMRE Sports.

Coupons and Giveaways atop the type of information Americans prefer from brands via social media channels

The type of information Americans prefer to receive from brands through social media sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) reveals a variety of trends that brands can leverage via promotions and advertising. The research revealed that even more opportunity lies among those Americans who have ever participated in winter sports.

Among those who use social media sites and who ever participate in winter sports,coupons (49 percent) and giveaways (41 percent) are the most popular types of information users would prefer to receive from the brands they follow or connect with via social media sites.

The research revealed the following statistics among adult Americans who used social media sites, as well as those who used social media sites and ever participated in winter sports:

Types of information

Use social media sites

Use social media sites & participate in winter sports

Coupons, sales or discounts



Giveaways (e.g., contests, sweepstakes, drawings)



New or existing product information



Event announcements or coverage



Customer service feedback