Industry Press Release

Independent Study Proves That Ulex™ Enhances Learning Process



Lebanon, NH (October 19, 2015) — A new report by the Austrian ski Schneeschule Klinger concludes that the U-Flex has revolutionized the way boys and girls learn to ski.  Findings recently released from a study conducted over the 2014/15 season on a new method of teaching called SkiEdina objectively state the advantages that U-Flex technology provides.  SkiEdina was developed by the ski school’s team of instructors and aims to redefine the learning process by teaching parallel turns from the start, instead of focusing on the snowplow.

In this study, a group of children 3-6 years old using U-Flex equipment were compared to a similar control group using traditional equipment.  The results clearly showed the U-Flex construction provided significant enhancement to the learning process due to the skis ability to flex under lower applications of force.  What’s more, the findings also show that children that are less gifted in their motor skills learn easier on U-Flex skis, primarily because of the responsive reaction of the skis due to their flexibility.  The study states specifically that, “It’s much easier for them to make turns with Elan skis.”

The study also revealed big benefits from the U-Flex ski boot.  Children were noticeably happier with the comfort, weight, and warmth of the Elan boot compared to that of a traditional boot.

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