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Indoor Skiing is coming to the USA


New York, NY (November 5, 2013) — Indoor Ski USA, Inc, a New York based provider of indoor ski slopes, announced today their exclusive distribution agreement with Alpine Engineering, a worldwide manufacturer of indoor ski slopes based in The Netherlands. AlpineEngineering has built slopes that are popular in many countries throughout the world including Australia, Turkey, The Netherlands, France, and The UK.  Indoor skiing on a revolving incline slope is prevalent throughout the world for both novice and professionals who want to learn to ski, or continue to develop their skills, year-round in an authentic skiing atmosphere.

As a passionate skier, I desperately missed the ability to ski year round when I moved to the US seven years ago,” said Charlotte Crawford, the founder of Indoor Ski USA. “We would take the children for a weekend, and spend lots of money for a weekend trip, only to ski for a few hours, at best. I was surprised that Indoor Skiing was not available in the US, given the number of skiing enthusiasts and the limited outdoor season. The slopes will make skiing in the US more of a year-round sport, which should increase the number of skiers and help to reduce the number of injuries due to lack of year round conditioning.”

The concept is simple. The large inclined, variable speed, revolving slope, similar to a treadmill with plush artificial ski grass holds up to six skiers or snowboarders. A one-hour lesson is comparable to six to eight miles of skiing on a normal ski slope. The motion is identical to outdoor skiing, which allows all levels of skiers to focus on improving their technique.

We’ve been working with a number of entrepreneurs and fitness centers in the US that are interested in establishing the first indoor skiing facilities,” says Crawford. “It’s a very exciting model that should really expand the skiing base here in America.

We’re really excited to expand distribution to the US”, says Rob van Schie, president of Alpine Engineering. “Charlotte grew up on indoor slopes in the Netherlands, as an instructor at a couple of the larger centers in Europe. She is a great advocate for skiing and will be a great representative for expansion of the sport in the US.”

About Indoor Ski USA

Indoor Ski USA Founder, Charlotte Crawford, grew up in The Netherlands and spent winters as a ski instructor in Switzerland, Austria and France. During the year, Charlotte worked at indoor ski centers in The Netherlands helping to prepare winter sport enthusiasts, young and old, to learn to ski and snowboard or to continue to expand their skills. As a passionate skier, Charlotte desperately missed the ability to ski year-round when she moved to the United States. After seven years in Manhattan, she decided to team up with one of the pioneers of indoor skiing and snowboarding and her former boss, Rob van Schie, to bring the technology to consumers in the United States, one of the largest markets for winter sports. Indoor Ski USA is a reseller of Alpine Engineering, a worldwide indoor ski slope provider.

About Alpine Engineering

Alpine Engineering has its roots at their indoor ski facility, Alpine Sports. This stand-alone indoor ski and snowboard center was founded in 1995, and has four self-designed and self-built slopes: three Infinite Slopes and one Disc Slope. After years of intensive use, the slopes are still very stable, quiet, and need littl