Industry Press Release

It’s Live: K2 Skis Launches 2010-11 Website K2skis.Com


Site adds clarity to rocker/camber innovations with Baseline» Technology for all  

Seattle, WA (August 23, 2010) — K2 Skis this month unveiled its 2010-11 collection to a hungry population of skiers who for months had waited in anticipation of experiencing K2’s latest designs.

The new site brings product to the forefront with images, graphics and technical descriptions that ignite the senses and simplify purchase decisions for the upcoming season. Notably K2’s Baseline» technology is prevalent throughout the Ski section with rocker and camber combinations in every ski and every category for beginners to pros.

The Ski section features a whole new video library dubbed “Rocker Vision,” which gives users a closer look at Baseline and the five different Rocker Profiles offered in the Adventure, A.M.P., T:Nine, Factory Team and Grom series skis.

The complete collection boasts an expansive offering of skis, poles, helmets, packs, and softgoods in all models and colorways. To complement the K2 lifestyle, K2 expanded its line of helmets and clothing for the season with subdued to bold styles for men, women groms everything you need to keep up your stoke and be ready for winter.

Stay in the know with the international newsfeed that spits out regular updates on K2’s pro skiers and activities from around the globe. Live the dream vicariously through posts from Mt. Hood to Norway and Alaska to Chile. It’s been a busy summer for K2.

Can’t get enough? Visitors to the site have the option to sign up for monthly K2 Ske-mails that offer free downloads, including exclusive wallpapers, videos, and photo galleries. Stay tuned for upcoming promotions and team rider profiles with bios, pics, vids, and more. The site is compatible with mobile and touch devices so K2 disciples can connect at home or on the run. Winter approaches! Visit today.