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Here’s the official word from Pipe to Pipe!

Portland, OR (June 30, 2008) — It was a sweaty day. The 11th annual Bonfire Pipe to Pipe took place on the hottest day of the summer with perfect blue skies and signature jibs at Windell’s snowboard camp and indoor skate facility.

The on-snow portion of the contest consisted of various rails and boxes with a crowd of spectators form both Windell’s and High Cascade snowboard camps. Music blasted while announcers K-Mart and Hondo held down the mic.

First place for pro men and $800 in cash went to Johnny Lazzareschi, 2nd place and $250 went to Bode Merrill and Krister Ralles came in third with extra recognition for Best Trick.

Other standouts included Ted Borland, Austin Granger, Chris Grenier and Sawyer Deen.

For the ladies, Leanne Pelosi walked away with Best Trick and Molly Aguirre won first place overall and $800. Jess Sutton took second and Raewyn Reid came in third.

Right along side the Pros, the Ams held it down during the mega finals. Sara Mickkelsen took first for women, Jamie Wabaschall took 2nd and third place went to a girl named Kay.

For the dudes, an HCSC camper came in first for the second year in a row. Ben Kadow walked away with a brand new Arnie 500 snowboard from Salomon and outerwear from Bonfire. Austin Visintiner came in second and Michael Wolf claimed third.

By the afternoon, all eyes were on the skaters. There really aren’t words for how much mayhem happened in the 20 minute pro finals. It happened. It was crazy. When the dust settled, Danny Tumia took first, last year’s winner Willis Kimbell came in second and Rion Linderman took third.

For the Ams, age was but a number. Eleven year-old Lindsea Lumpkin took first for the girls and 14 year-old Richie Conklin took first for Am guys.

Thanks to Timberline, Tim Windell, The Diggers, Bonfire and all the campers for a great event!

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Final Results Snow

Pro Men

1st Johnny Lazzeraschi

2nd Bode Merrill

3rd Krister Ralles

Best Trick: Krister Ralles

Pro Women

1st Molly Aguirre

2nd Jess Sutton

3rd Raewin Reid

Best Trick: Leanne Pelosi

Am Men

1st Ben Kadow

2nd Austin Visintiner

3rd Michael Wolf

Am Women

1st Sara Mickkelsen

2nd Jamie Wabaschall

3rd Kay

Final Results Skate:

Pro Men

1st Danny Tumia

2nd Willis Kimbell

3rd Rion Linderman

Am Men

1st Richie Conklin

2nd Ben Saer

3rd Adam Kays

Am Girls

1st Lindsea Lumpkin

2nd Libby Redepenning

3rd Devyn Schnake