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Funding will allow for production and new product development of argon-gas innovations

Ogden, UT (December 12, 2009) — Klymit, an innovator in outdoor technology, has received nearly one-and-a-half million dollars as part of a $2.2 million dollar investment from Level 4 Group, a consultant and investor specializing in defense, security and public safety products and technology.

“Level 4 Group has been talking with Klymit over the past year and after fully evaluating the unique aspects of their product set, we are truly enthused to be a part of the Klymit team,” said David Kervin of Level 4 Group. “Klymit’s cutting-edge insulation technology provides a solution that is warmer, thinner and lighter than other apparel and structure insulators and is something we feel has game-changing potential in the defense markets.”

“Klymit is honored to work with Level 4 Group,” stated Nate Alder, President and CEO of Klymit. “Level 4 Group has demonstrated a clear commitment to our game changing innovations, and because of their backing we are able to focus on developing and delivering the best products possible. We are happy to have found such a great strategic investor with smart money’ that brings a lot of added value to an innovative growing company and joining our local angel investors that continue to do the same.”

Klymit NobleTek insulation is the only technology on the market that gives users the power to “Kontrol the Elements” and adjust their level of warmth via flexible, gastight yet breathable chambers filled with gas instead of down or fabric. This cutting-edge technology provides insulation that is not only adjustable, but warmer, thinner and lighter-weight than other insulators. NobleTek insulation is available now in the Klymit Kinetic vest, and can be incorporated into nearly any outdoor product that uses traditional insulation, instantly making gear warmer, thinner, lighter and more versatile with adjustable insulation.

Level 4 Group is a consultant and investor in the defense, security and public safety space and assists product and technology-based businesses with the creation, analysis and execution of their business plans, with get-to-market and commercialization strategies and with sales and growth acceleration, both domestically and internationally. For more information, please visit

Klymit is a company based in Ogden, Utah that develops and licenses noble-gas-based, variable insulation technologies to companies across a variety of industries. Klymit NobleTek Insulation is the only technology on the market that gives users the power to Kontrol the ElementsTM and adjust their level of warmth with the turn of a dial. The noble gases used in Klymit’s technologies are non-toxic, non-flammable, and safe for the environment. -