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Kushi-riki Launches Generosity Campaign to Share the Warmth



Philanthropic Kids Brand Donates 100% of its Profits to Organizations that Serve Children

Denver, CO (January 4, 2016) — Children are our most precious resource.  Guided by this belief, Kushi-riki is honored to debut a generosity by INDIEGOGO campaign to assist in launching its philanthropic children’s brand.  Kushi-riki crafts clothing and accessories for children—and then donates one hundred percent of its profits to organizations that serve them.

Kushi-riki’s inaugural collection features boys and girls mittens, gloves, and beanies.  And although the brand is just getting started, its team is not.  Its founders, Austin and Brandi Paik, have spent the past decade creating and leading CandyGrind and CG Habitats, companies dedicated to crafting apparel and snowboard gloves.  Consequently, Kushi-riki is making its debut with the same products upon which these companies have built their reputations.

“We’ve always felt a strong desire to use our skills and experience for a greater good,” Austin explains.  “And last spring, the earthquake in Nepal gave us a sense of urgency, as well as insight into how we could take action.”  At the time, Austin was visiting the companies’ factories in Asia.  As the news showcased stories of children struggling to survive, Austin couldn’t help but think of his own.  Each day, he and Brandi balanced raising their two small children with designing products and running CandyGrind and CG Habitats. At their headquarters in Denver, crayons and coloring books were just as common as fabric samples.

While at a factory that crafted children’s gloves, Austin realized how he could act on his desire to help others.  By leveraging his knowledge and experience in crafting apparel and gloves, he could develop a brand that not only kept children warm, but also improved their lives.  Thus, Kushi-riki was born.

“With Kushi-riki, we want to create a sustainable opportunity to help children—while shifting perceptions of what constitutes a successful business,” Austin explains.  “We aim for the design and craftsmanship of our products to be perfectly paired with our mission.”  Consequently, the brand will donate 100% of its profits to organizations that work to improve the health and education of children across the globe.

In its inaugural year, the brand is partnering with a.k.a. Hope.  The nonprofit organization works to provide free housing and education to children in Uganda.  The majority of the children served by the organization are orphans and refugees escaping genocide.  “Kushi-Riki’s support for a.k.a. HOPE means everything for these kids,” offers a.k.a. Hope cofounder Chris Skiera-Vaughn.  “This partnership provides both stability and security for these children moving forward.  It also enables us to worry less about the politics of raising funds so we can focus solely on the well-being of the children we serve, devoting ourselves to meeting their needs.”

Kushi-riki has just launched its generosity by INDIEGOGO campaign, which aims to raise awareness and support for its debut collection.  The campaign also provides backers with the opportunity to purchase the company’s gloves, mittens, and beanies in advance of their retail appearance.

“We couldn’t be more excited to get things rolling,” explains Kushi-riki cofounder Brandi Paik.  “We’re not just launching a company—we’re furthering a commitment to ensuring all children have the lives and opportunities they deserve.  We’re eager for others to join us in sharing the love and sharing the warmth.”

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