Industry Press Release



Lafayette, CO (October 20, 2009) — The Lafuma Group’s US subsidiary is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed its acquisition and full integration of two leading French ski brands, Eider and Killy. The combination with Eider and Killy strengthens the group’s already diverse portfolio offering cross-selling opportunities in the market and a strong presence in the ski industry.

According to Lafuma Group America General Manager Guillaume Linossier, the acquisition of Eider and Killy represents a key growth strategy for the brands, opening new distribution opportunities which will significantly impact Eider and Killy’s already strong brand profiles.

“From an operational standpoint, this acquisition will strengthen our offering to all channels of distribution for both brands” Linossier said. Eider and Killy will benefit from the current Lafuma Group customer service team, expanded warehouse, sales and marketing structure as well as a brand new office / showroom in Lafayette, Colorado.

With the takeover of Eider and Killy brands, the group has gained access to a few key ski / outdoor industry sales representatives including: Martin Socha (New England – Eider), Hope Hampshire (New England/ Mid-West – Killy), Matthias Giraud (Northwest – Eider) and Philippe Muller (Rockies Eider & Killy). Eider has also expanded its sales force with the addition of two existing group reps Tom Lane (CA/NV/AZ – Eider) and Dan Eubank (Midwest – Eider) To keep the strong service and structure of the business, the Lafuma Group is also in the process of reorganizing and merging the outside sales force in key territories. Eider and Killy will have a new booth (#1346) at the upcoming Winter SIA Show in January, 2010.

The Lafuma Group is a worldwide leader in the outdoor and ski industries. The Lafuma Group markets 5 major, renowned brands worldwide: Lafuma, Millet, Eider, Killy, Oxbow and Le Chameau.