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Line Traveling Circus – Season 4


Episode 2 Gone Camping

Seattle, WA (October 27, 2011) — The TC Crew goes campin! Sorta Will and Andy take the van on a summer camp tour supreme from Camp of Champions in Whistler, British Columbia to Wendell’s at Mount Hood, Oregon. Unpredictable summer weather, unlimited supplies of pepperoni pizza, and a van full of weird smelly guys makes great times at summer camp with the TC crew!




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Admission is free! No high-end production crews, annual movie sales, snowmobiles, or heli trips to AK here, just a couple of die-hard ski bums with a camera powered by more creativity, ingenuity & hyperactivity than a 3rd grade art class. This band of misfit skiers are lead by Will Wesson & Andy Parry on a year round adventure criss-crossing North America and beyond in search of an angled surfaces to ski on.  It’s reality TV meets modern ski bumming, for comedy, adventure and skiing antics that proves reality is more entertaining than fiction. Each of the six episodes per season are watched tens of thousands of times online by skiers around the world. This popularity is the reason the Line Traveling Circus has been recognized with the first ever prestigious award of “Best Webisode” at the International Freeskiing Film Festival (


Line Skis: Designing & building skis, poles and softgoods by any means necessary to make skiing more funner

Full Tilt Boots: Comfort, warmth & natural flexing ski boots that eliminates shin bang to keep TC on the hill.

Orage Clothing: Fresh new threads for Andy & Will to stay dry, warm & go weeks without doing laundry