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Tri Layer Race Sock Offers The Most Advanced Technology Available in an Ultra-Thin Sock

Toronto, Canada (January 28, 2010) Lorpen (; SIA Booth #1968), a leading designer of high performance socks for wintersport enthusiasts, is expanding its popular Tri Layer sock collection and introducing a new series of winter sports socks for the 2010-2011 season. The Lorpen Winter Sports Collection will include a variety of lightweight options for both men and women who are seeking high performance and ultimate comfort. The collection will be available online (at major websites such as and, at major retailers, as well as outdoor specialty stores across the U.S. and Canada in August 2010.

Lorpen’s Tri Layer Winter Sports Socks feature three layers of yarn knit together.

The first layer, closest to the skin, is made of PrimaLoft Eco-Polyester, a synthetic fiber that is designed for performance and comfort. It combines 50% recycled material with PrimaLoft virgin fibers to create a high loft, thermally efficient insulation. PrimaLoft is also lightweight and water resistant.

The second layer, or middle layer, is made of Merino Wool, a natural fiber that can wick moisture away from the foot while providing softness. Merino wool also features anti-odor properties and is machine washable.

The third layer, made of Nylon, is highly durable making the sock resilient and long lasting. The nylon fibers are concentrated in the toe, heal and shin where the sock gets the most abrasion.

“The technology behind these Tri Layer socks is astounding,” said Colin Sanders, vice president of Lorpen North America. “We are dealing with four different fibres Polyester, Merino, Nylon and Lyrca – that are knit together to create different layers with different purposes. Each fibre has unique properties and takes dyes differently, making the technology challenging, to say the least. On top of that, the stitching must remain consistent so the user does not have any discomfort. In the end, we have a sleek ski sock that keeps your feet warm and dry, and also provides the utmost comfort throughout a full day on the slopes.”

New Tri Layer Winter Sports Socks for 2010/2011 MEN

Lorpen Tri Layer Race (STSL) The Lorpen Tri Layer Race sock will amaze even hard-core skiers. It is the thinnest Tri Layer performance sock available in the Lorpen collection, and also packs the most technology. Knit on a 168 needle machine with extremely fine gauge yarns, the Race is ultra-lightweight. The blend of natural and synthetic yarns make it the best performance ski sock Lorpen has to offer. The shin area also features added padding to alleviate ski boot discomfort. Made of: 38% PrimaLoft Eco Polyester Yarn, 37% Merino, 15% Nylon, 10% Lycra. Available in Black; Sizes: M, L, XL; MSRP: $18.99 USD.

Lorpen Tri Layer Light (STL) – An ideal sock for the skiing enthusiast who is looking for a comfortable sock without the bulk. The Tri Layer Light is designed to provide warmth, comfort and performance all day. The multi-density knitting process ensures that they are snug-fitting without wrinkles, and provide additional padding where the skier needs it most for ultimate comfort. Made of: 50% PrimaLoft Eco Polyester Yarn, 25% Merino, 15% Nylon, 10% Lycra. Colors available: Charcoal, Navy and Black; Sizes: M, L, XL; MSRP: $19.99 USD

New Tri Layer Winter Sports Socks for 2010/2011 WOMEN

Lorpen has created a Women’s Fit Tri Layer Winter Sports Sock that features a unique multi density knit that makes the sock more comfortable for women with a wide instep arch band to support higher arches, a narrower heel and forefoot, lower overall volume and a longer calf.

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