Industry Press Release



Groveland, MA (January 8, 2010) — Montana Sport North America, distributor of Crystal Glide Finish ski and snowboard service machinery, is pleased to announce the addition of Green Wax to their menu of backshop supplies and materials. Green Wax is a premium organic ski and snowboard wax made from all natural ingredients.

Green Wax is totally eco-friendly. . .

To begin with, Green Wax is produced in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Each batch is then poured directly into recycled tube packaging, eliminating the need for extrusion machines. This is a much cleaner process for manufacturing.

Green Wax is formulated to provide excellent glide, maximum adhesion & durability and ease of application, but without the pollution that traditional waxes leave behind. Chemical residues from traditional waxes are left behind on the mountain and can eventually penetrate into our waterways. Green Wax is environmentally friendly it’s non-toxic and biodegradable.

Green Wax is a true universal performance wax that can be applied in the conventional way by iron waxing or it can be buffed on. It’s ideal for rental as well as service and there is even a POP retail rack available that holds 24 2oz sticks. Go Green!

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