Industry Press Release



Truckee, CA (September 22, 2008) — Its no secret that fitness is an essential part of performance skiing. Most ski training programs emphasize the necessity of pre-season conditioning for optimal performance. This still holds true, however The North American Ski Training Center (NASTC) looks at fitness from a different perspective. When a skier is unable to perform the “proper skiing moves” the automatic assumption is a result of pilot error.

Chris Fellows, founder and director of NASTC, determined that specific physiological weaknesses in each individual were the cause for holding him or her back from accomplishing appropriate technical movements on skis. A short indoor movement test (Functional Movement Screen) can illuminate mobility and stability issues in different parts of the body. According to the test results, each individual is prescribed a series of customized exercises that would address his or her specific mobility, stability and power issues. NASTC has witnessed faster changes amongst its students’ skiing after they had incorporated the exercises into their workout routines; and encourages all of their students to take a Functional Movement Screen. NASTC is one of the only ski schools that have incorporated equipment adjustment, body awareness and technique as part of the regimen at its ski training camps. This complete approach to performance ski training is unique to NASTC and its ski training programs. For more information please visit

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