Industry Press Release

New at Wintersteiger: “Hotronic warms” Feet


Ried, Austria (October 29, 2013) — The specialized machine manufacturer, Wintersteiger, worldwide market leader for tuning and rental equipment for skis and snowboards, has expanded its product range. With the acquisition of the Hotronic Group worldwide, heated footbeds and boot and glove

dryers for the end user will compliment Wintersteiger’s product range. Hotronic will be

integrated into the Bootdoc business unit, where Wintersteiger sells customized insoles, liners

for ski boots and compression socks.

Cold feet are uncomfortable and take away from the fun on the hill – this is where Hotronic can help.

The Hotronic Footwarmers consist of heated insoles with rechargable batteries attachable to ski or

snowboard boots . Hotronic Footwarmers are known for their longevity and reliable function. In addition,

the Hotronic Snapdry can be used to dry and warm boots or gloves before or after the activity.

Three pair of socks are too many

The right material is essential for fun and enjoyment in sports. The new Hotronic products compliment

Wintersteiger’s business with customized insoles under the Bootdoc brand. Both products offer more

comfort, warmth, and performance for the same end user. The Footwarmers are mostly used in winter

sports activties like skiiing or snowboarding and for any other activities at cold temperatures outside.

The demand for warm feet is big. Hotronic International has successfully sold its products for more

than 20 years and is the clear market leader in the USA. The company has sales in the range of 3

million Euro annually and sells its product worldwide continuing in the future through the Wintersteiger

subsidiaries and distribution partners.

Owners Albin Koch, Geoff Bruce, and David Astley are very pleased with the succession plan for their

company and are convinced it secures the longterm development of Hotronic. Albin Koch will continue

to support Wintersteiger in product development and production while Geoff Bruce will be in charge for

marketing and sales in the North American market.

Information about Wintersteiger A.G.

Wintersteiger AG is a specialized machine manufacturer in Upper Austria founded in 1953.

Wintersteiger focuses on niche markets and has the following business units.

  • Sports: Ski and snowboard service and rental solutions
  • BootDoc: Foot analysis and customized insoles
  • Hotronic: Heating and drying for feet and boots
  • Drytech: Drying systems work wear and gear
  • Leveling: Leveling machines for the metal working industry (Kohler Maschinenbau GmbH)
  • Seedmech: Agricultural field research equipment
  • Woodtech: Thin cutting and wood repair technology
  • Banso: Band saw blades for wood and food industry

The headquarters in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, 18 subisidiaries and 60 representatives service more

than 130 countries. About 90 % of Wintersteiger’s products are exported.