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New for Winter 2014-15: Seirus HeatTouch & HeatWave Gloves & Mitts – Polar Vortex Busters


New for Winter 2014-15: Seirus HeatTouch & HeatWave Gloves & Mitts – Polar Vortex Busters

  • Already proven and popular both on and off the mountain, Seirus’ HeatTouch & HeatWave lines of gloves and mitts have been significantly expanded for winter 2014-15. In doing so, Seirus builds on its well-earned reputation for innovative designs, proprietary technologies, premium materials and quality construction of cold-weather accessories for the hands, face, head and feet.

New York  – The new cold-weather essentials for winter 2014-15 debuting at SIA Summer Snowdown from Seirus Innovation are some of the most technologically advanced cold-weatheressentials ever introduced by Seirus, which for over 30 years has defined innovation in snow sports gloves, liners, head and face protection, hats and essential equipment. 

Seirus continues to set the standard for cold-weatheressentials, as seen in its new models of gloves and mitts with its wide range of glove technologies, including many that are proprietary or patented. There are new models in the“HeatWave,” “HeatTouch,” “SoundTouch,” “Windstopper/Next Generation,”and“XtremeAll Weather”lines, as well as new hats, liners and head-and-face protection products.

Seirus:NEW and NOTEWORTHY for 2014-15:

  • Seirus HeatWave with high wicking Thermal Reflective Layer: new gloves, mitts, socks and skulls
  • Seirus HeatTouch Ignite rechargeable, heated gloves & mitts
  • Seirus Xtreme Hyperlite All Weather Glove are 100% waterproof gloves witSoundTouch (Seirus Xtreme gloves and mitts are among the best selling in snow sports)
  • Many other Seirus gloves, liners, masques and clavas, hats and quicks, and essential equipment are new

1242 HeatWave MsBehave-Black_Hot PinkNew for 2014-15 Seirus HeatWave include:

  • HeatWave MsBehave Mitt, $39.99 MSRP (Pictured)
  • HeatWave Accel Mitt, $39.99 MSRP
  • HeatWave Skull $24.99 MSRP
  • HeatWave Sock $34.99 MSRP

Seirus HeatTouch Ignite Glove White PNG.png

New for 2014-15 Seirus HeatTouch:

Seirus HeatTouch Ignite Glove & Mitt(pictured left), $374.99 MSRP.TheIgniteearned Ski Magazine’s 2014 SIA Show Stopper Award at North America’s largest and most prestigious snow sports show, the annual Snow Show in Denver.

New for 2014-15 SeirusXtreme:

SeirusXtreme Hyperlite All Weather Glove, $44.99 MSRP/with SoundTouch, $49.99 MSRP.

Seirus HeatWave