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Alternative to ineffective teaching methods a welcome tool for parents

Vancouver, Canada (February 12, 2010) — Snowcraft Industries has launched a new ski teaching device that accelerates learning and offers an alternative to impractical techniques commonly used to introduce beginners to the sport.

CoPilot» Ski Trainer is a boot tethering teaching rein that develops the core ski skills of balance control and lower body turning, while allowing the teacher to control speed and guide turns.

“As ski instructors and parents we saw the need for a technically sound alternative to standard ski harnesses, as well as to the back-wrenching between-the-skis technique” says Judy Tredgett, co-founder of Snowcraft.

By allowing beginners to ski under their own power, CoPilot» fosters independent mastery of ski skills and makes for a seamless transition to skiing independently. The product is suitable for both children and adults.

“It’s really amazing” remarks Julia Wimmers, Vancouver mother of three who used CoPilot» to introduce her youngest child to skiing. “I was up the chairlift right away and on the slopes with my five year old son. He made huge progress balancing on his skis after only a couple of runs and he was skiing on his own after just a few ski days.”

Ski instructors aren’t fond of traditional harness systems that attach to the upper body and tend to upset balance and correct ski stance. CoPilot» instead promotes balance by leaving the upper body free.

“This device is much better than a traditional harness for kids, because a harness has the tendency to pull them backwards” notes Sarah Marty, a Level 3 professional instructor at Cypress Mountain, Vancouver. “CoPilot» holds them at the feet, which is much better for balance.”

CoPilot» Ski Trainer is available this season at for $39.99 and was introduced to retailers at the SnowSports Industries America (SIA) Trade Show in Denver, January 2010.

About Snowcraft

Snowcraft is a manufacturer of snow sport accessories, founded in Vancouver, Canada in 2008. The company aims to promote winter sports and improve the mountain experience by developing innovative and practical accessories for active people.