Industry Press Release



San Francisco, CA (January 6, 2010) — In what seems like a blink of an eye Nikita Clothing has approached a milestone 10 year anniversary in 2010. There’s hardly been enough time to sit back and recall just what an achievement that is however a perfectly fitting tribute to the celebrations began in September 2009 with the opening of Nikita’s first flagship store in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Nikita founders Heida Birgisdottir, Runar Omarsson and Valdi Hannesson were pioneers of the snowboarding, surf and skate scenes in Iceland before the inception of Nikita was realised. They invested in a core boardstore based in the heart of the city (and just 400 yards from Nikita’s flagship store now) and were the first distributors and retailers of some of the industry’s top name brands. They literally started a boardsports revolution in Iceland.

Heida initially began hand making a few pieces of streetwear to wear herself, until friends and customers started to notice and enquire about where they could purchase them. The designs began to filter through the shop floor to such a point that they were continually selling out. The girls needed their own identity and Heida’s designs were killing it. Production was limited with one pair of hands and a sewing machine, but knocking skills and brains together; Heida for her fashion background and designs, Runar with his marketing dexterity and Valdi as the money man, decided to go one step further by changing any previous plans they had personally, to all invest fully into the new venture establishing Nikita.

Every small detail and element in creating and building the brand was slowly assembled; literally from scratch. They built a loyal and local fan base through the store before launching internationally as Nikita Clothing in 2000. From day one all were in agreement that the motivation and continuation of Nikita was for the love and passion of riding, a pact that stands to this day and has seen them, plus a huge following, enjoy the fruits of their labour the world over.

Nikita’s collections grew from one street fashion line created each Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter season to include a snow outerwear line each winter, a limited collection of styled silhouettes for party people called Nikita Selekzion and making sure the guys don’t feel left out, Atikin. All designs stand apart and away from anything else as each piece is Nikita’s own cut and sew; individual style with an infectious Scandinavian flavour and style.

The continual and growing relationship Nikita has with its customers, both fans and followers, is crucial. Where possible Nikita loves nothing more than the opportunity to get directly involved with them and be able to continue creating new chapters to the rising tale of a work in progress.

Check out the trailer for the development of Nikita’s flagship store.